Quotes / Chess with Death

The Boss: Death?
Death: Speaking.
The Boss: This is The Boss. Where are you? You haven't been up to the office in days!
Death: I've been held up.
The Boss: What happened?
Death: You know how when someone dies, they can challenge me to a game for their soul?
The Boss: Sure, standard procedure.
Death: Well, we didn't count on this guy. I might be a while.
Gary Gygax I add the paladin to my party.
Death: Oh, Jesus. He's getting out another rulebook.

Everybody goes for the chess game, and Death has just perfected his chess game. But when it comes to Final Destination...

ďAnd thereís always the chance that you, or Death, hasnít seen the latest gambit.Ē
<<Young one, setting up a chessboard in front of Death is an opening gambit practically older than chess itself. As we idly discuss the prospect of playing chess against her, she hears us and whets her game like a knife.>>

Death: Let's not waste any more time, my friend. Hear this, once and for all. We deceived you. Everything is fake here: the key, the bar, the neighborhood, the neighbors, Laura... They all work for me. Take everything apart! Only I am real.
Laura: All that happened, it was a lie.
Death: She's never existed, the woman you loved. / Your life has been spent, for an illusion, no more..
Alejandro Dolina, "The lover and Death", from Lo que me costó el amor de Laura.

SCP-1440: Should you choose to challenge Death to a game of cards for your life, there is one thing you must never do.
Dr. ████: And what is that?
SCP-1440: Win.

It is the nature of humanity and, in fact, all living things, to vie against Death. Those contests occur every day. And thus Death may very well accept such contests. It fits with the natural order of things. For Conquest, however, well, it is the nature of mankind to struggle against bondage. It is also the nature of man to ultimately yield to it. The forces that would control man are more tireless than the individual man.
Conquest, Pact

Death: You must play me again.
Bill: WHAT?!
Death: Um, best two out of three.
Ted: No way!
Death: Yes, way...
Ted: Can we go back now?
Death: Best three out of five!
Ted: I don't believe this guy!
(Even later)
Bill: *sigh* Best of seven?