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Quotes: Character Development
"Character is forged upon the anvil of conflict, hammered by circumstance and shaped by will."
Warmaster Slaydo, Warhammer 40,000

"What can change the nature of a man?"

He cursed himself for his refusal of their offer, even while his stubborn manhood revolted at the thought, and he knew that were he taken forth and given another chance, his reply would be the same. He would not sell his subjects to the butcher. And yet it had been with no thought of anyone's gain but his own that he had seized the kingdom originally. Thus subtly does the instinct of sovereign responsibility enter even a red-handed plunderer sometimes.

Kaiba: Mokey, I believe I'm experiencing character development.
Mokuba: Wow, what does that feel like?
Kaiba: It kinda tingles. From this day forth, I'm going to be a huge jerk with a stick up my ass the size of East Texas.

Thor: I've...never felt like's...
Loki: It's character growth. Kicks in around the third act.

Duck: Feh!Would i ever let you down?
Lexi: You have before!
Duck: Well then,madame,I will make a conscious effort not to1In fact,I'll reform my way!You see,istant before my death,I saw my life flash before my eyes...
Lexi You don't even remember it!"
Duck Nevertheless,I have looked into my past and i have seen ugliness!Oh no,no more of that![[...]]I'm a changed man!

The Fragile,Chapter 23

Critic: So I'm just a character?
Doug: Well, you were at first, but now... you're something else.
Critic: What?
Doug: Evolved.
Critic: What do you mean?
Doug: Think about it. Would the dictator from Kickassia actually give a shit about his friends? Would the money-grubbing egomaniac from Suburban Knights actually give a crap about a dead Indian boy? (NC wiggles his hand and rocks his head back and forth as if to say, "Maybe") I didn't expect that when I started writing you long ago; but ever since then, you've changed. You've literally leapt off the page and taken on a life of your own. It became less of me writing you what to do and you telling me what to write.

Your characters are like geodes. If you want to see what they’re really made of, you must break them.
— Writing tips blog

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