Quotes: Chairman of the Brawl

"Handsome" Harley 'Gweedo' Guestello" (Shaggy 2 Dope): What I wanna know, 3D, is who the fuck's putting up the budget for all these chairs they're using on each other's noggins?
"Diamond Donovan '3D' Douglas" (Violent J): Well actually these chairs are plastic, and very inexpensive.

“Evidently it is an ingenious dual-purpose technology,” said Damien Sandow. “What was once considered to be solely a blunt object with which to bludgeon one’s nemesis is, upon closer inspection, a technology for unburdening one’s legs via a recumbent repose.”
Damien Sandow, TheKayfabenews.com

"The chair! Give him the chair!"
—Member of tournament audience, Shrek