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Quotes: Celibate Hero
Phil: Has the Doctor ever had sex?
David Tennant: The Doctor has had children. (waves hand vaguely)

The Doctor: That's not what I'm like!
Amy: Then what are you like?
Doctor: I dunno. Gandalf! A Space Gandalf. Or the little green one in Star Wars. (spins around making lightsaber noises)
Amy: You really are not. You. Are. A bloke.
Doctor: I'm the Doctor.
Amy: Every room you walk into, you laugh at all the men and show off to all the girls.
Doctor: Do not!
Amy: What about Rory? (The Doctor gives a snort of laughter and mimes a long nose)
Doctor Who, "Meanwhile in the TARDIS"

Batman: One: dating within The Team always leads to disaster. Two: you're a princess from a society of immortal warriors, I'm a rich kid with issues - lots of issues. And three: if my enemies ever found out I had someone special, they wouldn't rest until they'd gotten to me through her.
Wonder Woman: (crushes a stone gargoyle without effort) Next?
Justice League, "This Little Piggy"

But loyalty and love are two very different things: all my life I've chosen loyalty, which has made my path much simpler.

Carla wondered what Jean had done about women all these years. Nothing perhaps; some men didn't, though these were few enough in Carla's experience.

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