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Quotes: Celibate Hero
"Hes such a wonderful geek; some men have a little black book and fill it full of numbers and descriptions of their favourite shags but the Doctor's is full of planets in danger and if they are important enough he gives them a terminal rating!"

Phil: Has the Doctor ever had sex?
David Tennant: The Doctor has had children. (waves hand vaguely)

The Doctor: That's not what I'm like!
Amy: Then what are you like?
Doctor: I dunno. Gandalf! A Space Gandalf. Or the little green one in Star Wars. (spins around making lightsaber noises)
Amy: You really are not. You. Are. A bloke.
Doctor: I'm the Doctor.
Amy: Every room you walk into, you laugh at all the men and show off to all the girls.
Doctor: Do not!
Amy: What about Rory? (The Doctor gives a snort of laughter and mimes a long nose)
Doctor Who, "Meanwhile in the TARDIS"

Wonder Woman: "No... No dating for the Batman — it might cut into your brooding time."
Batman: One: dating within The Team always leads to disaster. Two: you're a princess from a society of immortal warriors, I'm a rich kid with issues - lots of issues. And three: if my enemies ever found out I had someone special, they wouldn't rest until they'd gotten to me through her.
Wonder Woman: (crushes a stone gargoyle without effort) Next?
Justice League, "This Little Piggy"

But loyalty and love are two very different things: all my life I've chosen loyalty, which has made my path much simpler.

Carla wondered what Jean had done about women all these years. Nothing perhaps; some men didn't, though these were few enough in Carla's experience.

Janine: And Egon? I love you most of all.
Egon: (smiles, then clears his throat) Yes, well... such displays of emotion are only needed by the insecure. Thanks for the thought, though.
The Real Ghostbusters, "The Grundel"

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