Quotes: Cavalry Betrayal

"I can't believe they'd just leave me like that. I mean, okay. They always talk about doing this kind of thing and then they go and do it. And then they laugh about it. And they watch as I get brutally hurt, and laugh about that too. A lot. "
Red Mage, 8-Bit Theater

"I'm on your side you fucking idiots! How many of you do I have to kill before you understand that?! ...Do I look like an alien?! Am I green?! Do I have tentacles coming out of me?! ...I just wanna go home! Why is everyone trying to kill me?! I'm awesome! Are you all jealous?! ...This is the worst rescue operation in history!"

"You summoned me, Prince of Don. I am here. To join you? No. To demand your surrender."
Lord Pryderi, Chronicles of Prydain

"Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven? Behold now, the terrible vengeance... of the Forsaken! Death to the Scourge! And death to the living!"
Grand Apothecary Putress, World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

"Rescued at last! Thank god you're here!"
Scientist about to be killed by a soldier, Half-Life

David: After Joker’s capture, Dent’s talking to the press about Batman “saving his ass,” and then gets directed by Detective Ramirez to a car to take him home. This is the last time we’ll ever see Harvey Dent, White Knight of Gotham...I’m sure she’s done some pretty crappy things on the take, but this is really some next-level corruption.
Chris: Also, Dent’s last line: “I’ve got a date with a pretty upset girlfriend.” That’s the last line of an action movie. Dent clearly believes that this is over and done with.
Chris Sims, Andy Khouri, and David Uzumeri' on The Dark Knight