Quotes: Caught with Your Pants Down

Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate.

<@Chin^> My sister caught me jacking off the other week and calls me a pervert
<@Chin^> just the other day i walked into my room and caught my sister masturbating
<@Chin^> So she calls me a pervert again?!?
<@Chin^> there is no justice in the world...

Gabe: You have a webcam that watches the living room?
Tycho: Yeah.
Gabe: Does it watch the living room on... on Thursdays?
Tycho: Pretty much 24-7.
Gabe: I watch... I watch TV in there on Thursdays.
Tycho: I know all about what you do on Thursdays. That's why I put a towel down before I sit on the couch.