Quotes / Casualty

Nikki: Are you religious?
Comfort: No, I'm a Catholic.

Jack: Is she gone?
Lara: Who?
Jack: The Old Jill.

Patrick: Just lucky, I guess.

Lara: We'll work things out.
Patrick: It's not as easy as that.
Lara: Why not?
Patrick: Because either way, one of us has got to give.
Lara: Why would either of us do that?
Lara': What?
Patrick: I...
Lara: Say it!
Patrick: What?
Lara: Nah, forget about it.

"Lots of very respectable people are trekkies."

"Do you think it's cold in there?"
Lara on prison.

Charlie: Duffy - I wish.
Duffy: Yeah...me too.