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Quotes: Casanova
I'm like your mistress, except you're not even married!
Sherry, Broken Flowers

I have never paid a lira, a euro for sex. I say this also because, for those who love to conquer, the joy and the most beautiful satisfaction are in the conquest. If you have to pay, I ask you, what joy is there?
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

Boy get your head out of the stars above
You get the maximum pleasure from a minimum love

You could make a convincing case for the word "witcher" meaning a bloke who has sex with witches a lot, since even in the short time I was playing female magic-users were queuing up to nibble on my +69 staff of penetration.

Step 1, when in doubt, stay absolutely silent; step 2, when asked about your past, give vague, open-ended answers; step 3, have a great name; and finally, step 4, look fantastic in a suit, look fantastic in casual wear, look fantastic in anything, sound good, smell good, kiss good, strut around with supreme confidence, be uncannily successful at your job, blow people away everytime you say anything, take six-hour lunches, disappear for weeks at a time, lie to everyone about everything, and drink and smoke constantly.

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