Quotes / Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot

Funshine: Phoebs, Beastly is so shady he's in the shadows.
Phoebe: But I see his sunny side, Funshine.
"Show of Shyness"

Share: And second, you get to smash Grumpy's camp stove.
Beastly: Ha ha! Yeah! I'm gonna (whacks his pan on the ground) smash, smash, smash it! I'm gonna smash, smash, smash it! (stops) Wait, what am I gonna smash again?
Share: (very irritated) His camp stove! (calms down) But don't forget to wait until everyone arrives at my tea party. That way, I'll have an alibi.
Beastly: (singing an impromptu rap) I'm gonna smash it! / I'm gonna smash that stove! / I'm gonna smash it! / Yeah, boy!
"Jealous Tea"

Joy: So why are you here?
Grumpy Bear: To tell you that it totally stinks that your friend moved away.
Joy: Really?
Grumpy Bear: Yeah. She was your best friend, right?
Joy: Right.
"Sad About You"

Grumpy Bear: Like I was saying, being happy is great I guess, if that's your thing.
Joy: It was.
Grumpy Bear: Yeah, but now she's gone, and you're sad. And being sad is lousy. And that's the bummer about being happy.
Joy: How can being happy be a bummer?
Grumpy Bear: Well, you know that at some point it'll end and you'll just be sad.
"Sad About You"