Quotes / Captain Crash

"If I were John, I would just not go anywhere near a helicopter. Like, ever again. Because two helicopter crashes...within, like, a day...is a bit much. It's—it's a—it's enough to put you off. So, just...you might wanna take, uhh, a look at yourself, and...consider that you're not good...at making life choices."

"Launchpad, can't you even ride a camel without crashing it?"

"Anakin, did you get shot down again?"
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

"How come every time you fly, we crash?"
Ahsoka Tahno (to Anakin Skywalker), Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Gaius: Where is the pilot?
Calli: I'm the pilot. What? You don't trust me?
Gaius: They used to call you Crash Carmel.
Calli: They still do.
Gaius: Is there a reason for that?
Calli: I wrinkled a couple of ships. There was some shooting and fire involved.
Tour of the Merrimack: Strength and Honor

"That's two times you've wrecked today. I'd call you 'Crash', but that's just silly."

WRN Chasen: The Dock Patrol report HMS Troutbridge has arrived, sir.
Cmmdr Povey: Yes, I heard the bang from here.

"Killboy. 35 missions flown, 35 replacement fighta-bommerz an' 35 major bionik surgery proceedures. 67 konfirmed kills, includin' 43 actually belongin' to the enemy..."
Gimzod, Deff Skwadron

Joseph: This will be my third crash landing! You ever know someone who's crash landed three times?
Jotaro: ... I'm never flying with you again.

Jotaro: Gramps....
Joseph: You're such a worrywart, nothing to-
(The plane goes off-balance.)
Joseph: AH, went off balance.
(Everyone on the plane experiences some turbulence.)
Everyone: Uwaghhh!
Narrator: Both Polnareff and Kakyoin were pulled into a relaxing slumber from that momentary plummet.
(Kakyoin and Polnareff fall asleep.)

"That's the last time I'm letting you fly our ship!!"
Donald Duck, following a meteor ramming caused by Sora - Kingdom Hearts I

Adammit: Son! Thank God you're back!
Apalling: Yes, Father... I am! Do you worry, sir, because I'm your only son?
Adammit: No, I worry because we're running out of Viper Fighters! You and your buddies smash one or two of them up every time you go out on a mission!
MAD #208, "Cattlecar Galaxica"

Jason: What went wrong?
Fidgel: Wrong? That was a pretty good one! Spot on!
Jason: It — it felt like the landing gear broke off!
3-2-1 Penguins!, "Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn"

"The bulldozer is broken. Must be Leon's handiwork."
Ada Wong, Resident Evil 4

"I got the perfect plan. ♫This is the greatest plaaaaaaan!!♫"
Charles, Fleeing the Complex