Quotes: Can't Get Away with Nuthin'

"But Degrassi, and you would have seen this in the old show, the rule that networks gave us was, you have to have the consequences. I mean, anything can happen. There can be oral gonorrhea. There can be from the sublime to the ridiculous. But the consequences have to happen within the same episode. Now, that’s problematic if you’ve got somebody who becomes addicted to crystal meth and is in rehab twenty-two minutes later. So what we said to the networks was, listen, if you’re going to be broadcasting once a day, we’ve got to lift that rule. We’ve got to be able to, over six weeks, resolve, and we’ll have the consequences. So that, suddenly the writers felt empowered. It’s so much easier, so much richer."
-Stephen Stohn

Drive me insane, trouble is gonna come to you
One of these days and it won't be long
You'll look for me but baby, I'll be gone
This is all I gotta say to you woman,
Your time is gonna come
Led Zeppelin, "Your Time Is Gonna Come"