Quotes: Can't Get Away with Nuthin'

But Degrassi, and you would have seen this in the old show, the rule that networks gave us was, you have to have the consequences. I mean, anything can happen. There can be oral gonorrhea. There can be from the sublime to the ridiculous. But the consequences have to happen within the same episode. Now, that’s problematic if you’ve got somebody who becomes addicted to crystal meth and is in rehab twenty-two minutes later. So what we said to the networks was, listen, if you’re going to be broadcasting once a day, we’ve got to lift that rule. We’ve got to be able to, over six weeks, resolve, and we’ll have the consequences. So that, suddenly the writers felt empowered. It’s so much easier, so much richer.
-Stephen Stohn

Drive me insane, trouble is gonna come to you
One of these days and it won't be long
You'll look for me but baby, I'll be gone
This is all I gotta say to you woman,
Your time is gonna come
Led Zeppelin, "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

On December 28th, Lance Armstrong pulled a classic Lance Armstrong when he crashed into two parked cars with his SUV while driving home from a party in Aspen, CO and got his girlfriend Anna Hansen to agree to take the blame for him. Anna tried to work things out with the cars’ owner by agreeing to pay for the damages, but he called the cops anyway. Anna later told police that she lied about driving, because she’s sick and tired of the evil media dragging her angelic man’s pristine reputation through a puddle of bull diarrhea. I could see where she was coming, because if we all found out that Lance (probably drove drunk and) crashed into parked cars, his image as an upstanding pillar of truth and integrity would be damaged forever! ....Add that $388.50 to the $10 million Lance has to pay a sports insurance company for lying about doping up. Lance Liestrong is reportedly worth over $100 million, so $10,000,388.50 is probably not going to bankrupt him, but he should still keep his mouth shut, stay inside and sit on his hands. Because it feels like every time he opens up his crusty lie hole and gets behind the wheel of anything, he fucks up and has to pay fines and shit. If he keeps the foolery up, he’ll run out of money to pay off people and fines and will have to get a job selling tricycles at Big Lots. (“Um, no, we don’t hire lying bitches, thankyouverymuch!” – an official spokesperson from Big Lots)
Michael K., "Lance Armstrong Finally Takes The Blame After Getting His Girlfriend To Take The Blame"

Don't say it feels good, don't you do it
If it tastes good, throw it away
It's a sad truth, don't deny it
If you're gonna play. you're gonna pay
K.T. Oslin, "You Can't Do That"