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Quotes: Canon Defilement
And it's a Shin Akuma spriteswap so I couldn't have deleted it sooner.
Arpa/Chainsawdentist, a M.U.G.E.N user

Oh Countdown, everything you touch, you destroy."
Linkara, Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains

Kira: I think you know who I am, Light. I am Kira.
Kira: Oh I'm not really you, I am a wicked spirit that entered you the moment you picked up the Death Note. I have been controlling you to make you evil!
Kira: Don't be happy for too long Light, I have to rape you...
Light: Why do you have to rape me, that doesn't even make sense?
Kira: Look, all I know is that Kira is supposed to rape Light and make him cry so we can all see that Light was really a good person controlled by pure evil. It's probably all based on that one time the Mr. Yagami says that being Kira is a curse. Never mind the fact that Light tells Ryuk like 5 minutes later that he's happier than he's ever been in his life...
So if you have to watch a Disney sequel, make sure it's not to a movie you actually like. Unless you enjoy the feel of a clammy uncle touching you in places you'd rather not be touched right now...

Arthur: She was Griselda, the Lady of the Lake! In Quest For Camelot!
Carolyn: Oh, was she.
Arthur: YES! She's the one who tells Arthur to bring her Excalibur!
Douglas: Bring her Excalibur? Surely she gives him Excalibur.
Arthur: How could she give him Excalibur? Excalibur's a person.
Douglas: Right. Keen Arthurian scholars, were they, these filmmakers?
Arthur: Well, I say person; obviously it famously turns out he's a vampire!
Cabin Pressure, "Cremona"

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