->''"No one knows what it's like''\\
''To feel these feelings''\\
''Like I do''\\
''And I blame you"''
-->-- '''Music/TheWho''', [[Music/WhosNext "Behind Blue Eyes"]]

->''"Inwardly, [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Bruce Wayne]] is still an adolescent watching his parents being murdered. That will never leave him. And people really relate to that."''
-->-- '''Creator/KevinConroy'''

->''A man of wealth and a genius mind / A slave to passion and his morbid side''\\
''Robbing graves of the newly dead / Erratic tendencies, a troubled mind''\\
''"I will create in my own image / [[AGodAmI If God can then why can't I?]]''\\
''No thought of the consequences / I've got to know the meaning of life"''
-->-- '''Music/IcedEarth''', "Literature/{{Frankenstein}}" [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLHUyd2veps]]

->''"Mad, bad and dangerous to know."''
-->-- '''Lady Caroline Lamb''', ''before'' she started [[SexFaceTurn having sex with Lord Byron.]]

->''"[Orpheus] reminded me of you. A romantic fool. Self-pitying, but with a certain amount of personal charm."''
-->-- '''Destruction''' sums up both '''Dream''' and his son, ''ComicBook/TheSandman''

->''"The ByronicHero is [[{{Pun}} two pounds of thinly sliced turkey, honey-glazed ham]], [[BreadEggsMilkSquick cannabis]], salami, marijuana, and cheese on rye and is typically served with some of those cute party toothpicks with little olives on the end. It is usually characterized by rebellion and a distaste for society, yet a haughty appreciation for tasty lunchmeats and hallucinogenic drugs."''
-->-- '''Wiki/{{Uncyclopedia}}'s''' article on Lord Byron.

->''"If anyone wishes to stop me, let them try! If there is anyone who can go beyond my despair..."''
-->--'''Lelouch vi Britannia, Anime/CodeGeass'''

->''Beware the man who would kill a god, the choir whispers, for he will never know peace, and he will drag the whole universe into war to keep him merry company along the way. He will stand before the throne, look the void in the eye and laugh. He cannot bear to live in a world where he is not sovereign of his own soul. He would rip his teeth into divine flesh and swallow the universe whole.''
-->-- '''[[http://okayophelia.tumblr.com/post/37342915969/archetypes-godkiller-with-fists-like-atom okayophelia]]''' discussing the "Godkiller" archetype