Quotes / By-the-Book Cop

Danny Butterman: So what made you want to become a policeman?
Nicholas Angel: Officer.
Danny Butterman: What made you want to become a policeman, officer?
Nicholas Angel: [chuckles] I don't remember a time when I didn't want to be a police officer... apart from the summer of 1979 when I wanted to be Kermit the Frog. It all started with my Uncle Derek. He was a Sergeant in the Met. He bought me a police pedal car when I was five. I rode around in it every second I was awake - arresting kids twice my size for littering and spitting. I got beaten up a lot when I was young, but it didn't stop me. I wanted to be like Uncle Derek.
Danny Butterman: He sounds like a good bloke.
Nicholas Angel: Actually, he was arrested for selling drugs to students.
Danny Butterman: [with no change in tone] What a cunt.
Nicholas Angel: Probably bought the pedal car with the proceeds. Needless to say, I never went near it again. I just let it rust. But I never lost the profound sense of right and wrong I felt at the wheel of that pedal car. I had to prove to myself that the Law could be proper and righteous and for the good of humankind. It was from that moment that I was destined to be a police officer.
Danny Butterman: Shame...
Nicholas Angel: How so?
Danny Butterman: I think you would have made a great Muppet...

"Police work is as much about preventing crime as it is about fighting crime. Most importantly, it is about procedural correctness in the execution of unquestionable moral authority."
Nicholas Angel, Hot Fuzz

"You think being a Power Ranger is all about roundhouse kicks and being a hero? It's also about hard work and doing what you're told."
Sky, Power Rangers S.P.D. (aka Power Rangers as cops)

"By the book, Batman. I want him brought in by the book. We have to show him that our way works."

"I will put the law before all else."
Third Ideal of the Skybreakers, The Stormlight Archive

"Without the law, there is nothing. You will subject yourself to their rules, and accept the dictates of justice. It is all we have, the only sure thing in this world."
Nalan'Elin, Herald of Justice, Patron of the Skybreakers, Words of Radiance (second book of The Stormlight Archive)