->Oh booze, sweet booze. The sweet nectar can be a delicious and wonderful thing, but sometimes it leads you down a dark, destructive path where you wake up with half of your face burned off because the booze screwed with your decision-making skills and you thought it would be a really good idea to eat out [[Creator/ParisHilton Parasite Hilton.]]
-->--'''[[http://dlisted.com/2015/01/09/henry-cavill-and-parasite-hilton-left-the-chateau-marmont-together/ Michael K.]]'''

->"If I hadn't been drinking Ripple, I would've never had you. Ripple's your real Daddy!"
-->--Dr. Hibbert's father, ''TheSimpsons''

->''"In a few hours, I'm gonna look like a good idea!"''
-->-- '''Lewis''', ''TheDrewCareyShow''

->''"I like to have a martini,\\
Two at the very most.\\
After three I'm under the table,\\
after four I'm under my host. "''
-->-- '''DorothyParker'''

->''It's Cold Gin time again\\
You know it always wins!\\
Cold Gin time again\\
You know it's the only thing\\
That keeps us together!''
-->-- '''{{KISS}}''', "Cold Gin"

->'''Chandler:''' How drunk are you?
->'''Monica:''' Drunk enough that I wanna do this. Not so drunk you should feel guilty for taking advantage.
->'''Chandler:''' ''[beat]'' Well that's the perfect amount!
-->-- ''Series/{{Friends}}''

->'''Zii''' (on texting a breakup to her boyfriend with the express intent of begging forgiveness the next morning so jumping the half-naked girl next to her would not be cheating): ''Shonya... it might be the alllcohol talkin', but that is one brilliant idea!''
-->-- '''Webcomic/MenageA3''