Quotes / Bungling Inventor

"Great! But does it really work?"
Anthony Brown, Candy Candy

It's a good thing my dad is an accountant, because he really sucks at being an inventor.

Ratchet: Oh, come on. There's no way a Lombax would invent something that ridiculous.
Clank: Oh, really? What about your nuclear-powered rocket sled? Your antimatter bathroom buddy? And let us not forget the electroshock undergarments you invented last fall...

Eleanor had doubts, as well she should have had, and in truth no one knew the repercussions which might result, yet she felt proud in her way to have been selected to be the first person ever to turn on an "electric light" switch, the woman who would be celebrated forever in history, or fried, which in fact she was, though the inventors combined to hush it up.
John Holmes, St. Petersburg, FL, The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2016