Quotes / Brown Note

Black Mage: I thought you'd sound more, you know, evil.
Evil God: My true voice would make your brain eat itself.
Black Mage: You are so cool.

Loneliness + Alienation + Fear + Despair + Self-worth Mockery Condemnation Misunderstanding x Guilt x Shame x Failure x Judgment, n=y where y=Hope and n=Folly, Love=Lies, Life=Death, Self=DARKSEID

Waldorf: So, what happens if you read The King in Yellow? Do you go insane?
Statler: Worse! You try to write something similar!
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

"Surfing on the internet, I found a comic so horrific that reading it is a challenge to anyone's sanity. My mind went temporarily blind at the index just by the hideous drawing. It's like my own brain tried to prevent me from reading the comic. I persisted; I wanted to see how bad this could be[...] every page was a battle against my body to move on, an animal reflex against torture of this calibre. So bad, my doctor has certified that I got brain damage, heart palpitations, lung corrosion, and some mild cirrhosis, all from reading it[...]
I've 20 years less to live now. I can barely speak past gibberish. But you must know. You must be warned of this torment."
N106, Bad Webcomics Wiki, on 'Look What I've Brought Home.'

"Words no eyes should see, telling of things no sane mind could fathom."
Scroll of Griselbrand, a card in Magic: The Gathering

"Im just trying to get through to you guys just how scary this fucking thing is. What if theres magic in there? Actual magic, huh? What if we have to rethink everything we know about everything? What if its a tiny little demon named Palbo trying to test us? Let me get back on topic here."
Corin Deeth III, Kakos Industries