Quotes / Break the Cutie

"'What I find fantastic is that there are any answers beyond the realms of science…' The audience goes on such a long journey with Scully over nine seasons that it is weird to look back to the very beginning where she was so fresh faced and naïve about the horrors she is about to face. You can imagine her life skipping along happily (or as happily as somebody who is as rigid as Scully is) from one success to another until the point where she meets Mulder and it all goes frighteningly downhill...Mulder makes a gag about Scully being the head of the Bureau in 2026 – it obviously never occurred to him that he is going to drag her down into the mud."
Doc Oho on The X-Files, "Pilot"

Twisting and turning
Her feelings are burning
You're breaking the girl...
Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Breaking the Girl"

A memory I will always treasure. The big, innocent green eyes fluttering open. The scream that penetrated every wall and floor of the house. The scream that would not stop. It took both her parents an hour to get her back to sleep.
Senna Wales demonstrates how much she loves (messing with) her half-sister, April.

"Why am I not leaving, Dr. Reid? Because I don't want to miss you breaking down and weeping in front of everyone! Oh, here it comes! Great big tears! Great big crocodile tears!"
Dr. Kelso, Scrubs

"My name is Oerba Dia Vanille. I'm a L'Cie, from Gran Pulse, and to everyone on Cocoon... Evil. Shoot me, Sazh! For your son!"
Vanille, Final Fantasy XIII

"Or maybe it's because beautiful things are so easily broken by the world."
Jocelyn Fray, talking about Jace's mother Celine, City of Fallen Angels

A long, long time, watching the blood volume tick down, seeing how the breathing rate changed, and the heartbeat slowed. Knowing how the brain would be affected, knowing what the organs were doing, and the order they were shutting down.
At some point, it ceased to be mommy, became something else. A moment when her mommy became only a dying thing, a machine of flesh and blood that was winding down.
It was easier.
Didn’t make her chest hurt as much.
Bonesaw, Worm

"Despair, the end of the world.
I hear the rising phoenix in my dreams.
And the Virgin Child made a wish upon a star,
that night her mother talks no more.
Cape of hope, the end of a dream.
A shining fish splashes in a stream.
And the Virgin Child loses her heart and soul,
that night her mother's eyes see no more.
When the wind blows, the Virgin Child's corpse sings a song,
such a pretty melody, never heard before!
No more lullabies!
The Virgin Child smiles from Hell!"
- Dr. Peace, No More Heroes, summing up pretty much most of the plot of the game.

"Life is not a song, sweetling. You may learn that one day, to your sorrow."
Littlefinger, A Song of Ice and Fire, to Sansa Stark

You were once a sweet little girl
So innocent and pure
Your eyes were open and sure
Anyone could look right in...
— "I Knew You Before", by Dustin Kensrue

"I feel something inside. It's like the opposite of happiness. I Must...stay...positive! *Hyperventilating* "Uh...Bubblegums!" *More Hyperventilating* "Butterflies?"
Unikitty, after her home is destroyed, The LEGO Movie

And this is how you take one of the sweetest, cutest, nicest, kindest girls in the series and absolutely destroy her sanity. I mean, telling her that she's going to die, her friends aren't really her friends, and then slaughtering her family right in front of her? Jesus Christ, that's just fucking evil.