Quotes / Boss Banter

You know what they say, the more the merrier
Dr.Eggman/Robotnik, Shadow the Hedgehog

Ah, fresh meat!

Not even death will save you from me!
Diablo, Diablo II, just before you show him how wrong he is. Eventually.

"My wife's going to kill me! I used all her best pots and pans to make him..."
Baron K. Roolenstein, Donkey Kong Country 3

"I am the Alpha and the Omega."
Xan Kriegor, after killing you once again in Unreal Tournament

"Come on, boy!"note 
"Go home to mommy!"
"You're mincemeat!"
Allen, Metal Slug

Cultist: Do you fear me?
Necroscope: Nope.
Cultist: Do you fear me?
Necroscope: Nope, I just told ya.
Cultist: Do you fear me?
Necroscope: No! For God's sake!
Cultist: Do you fear me?
Necroscope: For the love of God! I do not fear you!
Necroscope86 plays Jedi Academy

How dare you..
Even forgetting...
Who raised you...

Demyx: Come on, step to the beat!
Xigbar: "R" for "reload"!
Luxord: Do you know the rules?
Zexion: Your memories shall be mine...see my illusion!
Vexen: "I've had enough of this!" "I shall freeze you!"
Lexaeus: My power has no limits, you have no chance!
Larxene: You're getting on my nerves!
Marluxia: The beginning of the end! Your heart will be scattered!
Various Bosses, Kingdom Hearts

"You insolent little... SUBMIT!"
"Come guardian!"
"Come, open your heart."
"What do you hope to accomplish? Do not deny your fear. The final darkness is now!"
"Turn to darkness!"
"Welcome the darkness into your heart."
Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Kingdom Hearts

"I want to see you die fighting."
"All shall be lost to you!"
— Saix, Kingdom Hearts II

"Give up, Isaac..."
"We must be reborn!"
"Isaac, stop! YOU'RE HURTING ME!!!"
The Golden Marker, Dead Space 2