Quotes / Bonus Boss

"Tyrant Overlord Baal? Wasn't he just a ploy to force players into playing their games for 100 hours longer?"

James: All right, this shouldn't be too hard!
Jessie: What are you talking about? That thing will crush us easily!
James: Not if we wipe it out on the first turn! Look, it only has 8 HP!
Jessie: James? That's the symbol for infinity.
Latias' Journey, a Pokémon fanfic.

Omega Ten: ...Hito-Shura. Hardest bonus boss I ever faced off against.
...Twenty five attempts at him. Second-to-last attempt clocked in about fifty minutes before I got pizowned by a random Mamudoon that happened to wipe out the entire party.
...I think I temporarily achieved Angry gamer Nirvana right when that happened.

...Aqua? Ven?...A Keyblade?...Who are you? I know you. We've met before, way back when. No, that wasn't you. You're not the one I chose. Where is he? Xe...ha...nort...is that you? Xeha...nort...Xehanort!
Lingering Will and Sora get off to a rocky start, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

"Well damn. Puresabe put out all the stops here. 112 HP, no true weakness, invulnerability nullification everywhere, OHKOs, weapon energy drain, twenty-odd different attacks...!"

You people do not learn. Curiosity just killed you.
Satan/Mike, LISA

Hellsinker, if you unlock Scarlet Queen's or Rex Cavalier's hidden forms

I detect a very dangerous demon nearby. You should consider getting out of here.
Burroughs, Shin Megami Tensei IV