->''"Anything can be penetrated with the proper tool."''
-->-- '''Franchise/JamesBond''', ''VideoGame/{{Nightfire}}''

->"''You're a dangerous fool who should be sent west. You have forgotten the face of your father.''"
-->-- '''Roland Deschain''' (to an unconscious CowboyCop), ''[[Literature/TheDrawingOfTheThree The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three]]''

->Hellsister, go to Hell.
-->-- '''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}''', ''Fanfic/HellsisterTrilogy''

->"''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Friendship is science]], [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch]].''"
-->-- '''Lollerskates''', ''Dream Team'': Episode 3

->''"Good riddance, evil beasts."''
-->--'''Master Mao''', Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Now the Final Fury

->'''Hercules:''' That'll leave a '''stink'''.\\
'''Icarus:''' Stop it, no one likes a mocker.\\
'''Hercules:''' But that's how secret agents talk!
-->-- ''Disney's Disney/{{Hercules}}: [[RecycledTheSeries The Animated Series]]'', "Hercules and the Golden Touch"

->''"Another bunch of bad guys bite the dust. Am I good or am I good?"''
-->-- ''VideoGame/OperationFlashpoint''

->'''Avitus:''' ''[after destroying a Falcon Grav-Tank]'' The Falcon has fallen to Earth.\\
'''Cyrus:''' Poetic, Avitus.
-->-- ''VideoGame/DawnOfWar II''

-> ''Shot everyone in the town, and all these corpses lyin' round, and he goes and makes a glib comment. What kind of person would do that, at that time? He goes "I'm outta here, this place is dead anyway - zing!" Fortunately though, in this situation, everybody was dead so no one was offended.''
-->-- "Stana", '''Music/FlightOfTheConchords'''

-> ''There were a lot of things [Vimes] could say. "Son of a bitch!" would have been a good one. Or he could say "Welcome to civilization!" He could have said "Laugh this one off!" He might have said "Fetch!"''\\
''[[SubvertedTrope But he didn't]], because if he had said any of those things, then he'd know that what he had just done was murder.''
-->-- ''Discworld/TheFifthElephant'', after Sam Vimes has killed a werewolf.

-> ''If he’d been a hero, he would have taken the opportunity to say, ‘That’s what I call sorted!’ Since he wasn’t a hero, he threw up.''
-->-- ''Discworld/GoingPostal'', after Moist killed a banshee with a mail sorting machine

-> ''"Apology accepted, Captain Needa."''
-->-- '''Darth Vader''', ''Franchise/StarWars Episode V: Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack''

->''Maybe I'm old fashioned, but if you have nothing fun to say after [[Film/RedHeat shooting a crossdressing nurse through a door and two panes of glass]], you probably have no business shooting anyone, period.''
-->-- '''{{Creator/Seanbaby}}''', [[http://www.break.com/article/the-12-best-arnold-kills-out-of-all-509-2554063 "The 12 Best Arnold Kills (Out of 509)"]]

-->-- '''Rock''', ''Manga/BlackLagoon'', after a would-be assassin gets blown up.

->'''Danny Butterman:''' How's Lurch?
->'''Nicholas Angel:''' He's in the freezer.
->'''Danny:''' Did you say "Cool off"?
->'''Nicholas:''' No, I didn't say anything, actually.
->'''Danny:''' Shame.
->'''Nicholas:''' There was a bit earlier on that you missed when I, uh, distracted him with the cuddly monkey. And then I said "Playtime's over", then I hit him with the peace lily.
->'''Danny:''' You're off the fucking chain!
-->-- ''Film/HotFuzz''

->'''Goku:''' Wow Freezer, you really were a [[{{Pun}} cut above the rest.]]
->'''Freeza:''' Ugh.
->'''Goku:''' But too bad you didn't make the cut.
->'''Freeza:''' Ugh.
->'''Goku:''' [[OverlyLongGag I guess you could call this a slice of life.]]
->'''Freeza:''' PLEASE, STOP!
->'''Goku:''' [[TheGadfly All right, I'll cut you a break. I'm going to split.]]
-->-- ''WebVideo/DragonballZAbridged'', after Freeza was cut in half.

->"That was my first triple homicide. Didn't know I was supposed to prepare jokes."
-->-- '''John Reese''', ''Series/PersonOfInterest'', "Prisoner's Dilemma".

->"Say hello to Leonora, motherfucker."
-->-- '''Franklin Clinton''' to [[spoiler:Peter Dreyfuss]], ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV''

-->-- '''Patrick Bateman''', ''Film/AmericanPsycho''

->"Bison, you're off the air!"
-->-- '''Guile''' to Bison, ''Film/StreetFighter''

->'''Gunman:''' [[TheConspiracy The Set]] sends its regards, law--\\
''[[[KilledMidSentence gunman gets a knife in the back]]]''\\
'''[=MeLaan=]:''' Here's a tip, kid. Save the wisecracks until your foe is dead. Like this. See how easy it is?
-->-- ''Literature/ShadowsOfSelf''

->'''Gruber:''' Ugh! Don't say "salt" to me! Zese mercs are so ''bland!'' Zey could use-\\
[Seras blows away Gruber and his friend, screaming.]\\
'''Seras Victoria:''' How's ''that'' for some salt?! [hesitates, then angrily grunts] ''Goddamnit!'' What's the point in comin' up with all these one-liners if'n they're all dead when I say 'em?\\
'''Vampire Nazi #3:''' [[TooDumbToLive To be fair, it wasn't really all that funny to begin with!]]
-->-- ''WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged''

->'''[[spoiler:Kevan]]:''' I challenge you, Elodie! A life for a life!
->'''Narration:''' Without a further word, you direct the full force of your magical wrath at [[spoiler:the Earl of Io]]. There is a horrible scream, and the smell of burning flesh.
->'''Elodie:''' I decline.
-->-- ''VisualNovel/LongLiveTheQueen''

->When it was done - when the shopkeeper's [[PsychicStrangle windpipe had been shattered like the neck of a wine bottle]], when his eyes popped out of this head like overripe fruit, when what had been the man's body lay in a ragged mass on the floor, one hand still clutching Anna's overdue bill, Alexei allowed a [[PsychoSmirk small smile to creep into the corner of his mouth]].
->"You may consider it paid, sir," he said to the corpse, as he stopped over it.
-->--''Android Karenina''

!!Trope Namer Remarks


[[folder:Sean Connery]]
-> ''Sergeant, make sure he doesn't get away.''
-->-- As he leaves a dead {{Mook}} who [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled smoked a cyanide-laced cigarette]] in the custody of a security guard at the Government House in Jamaica.

->'''Construction Worker''': How did it happen?\\
'''James Bond''': ''I think they were on their way to a funeral.''
-->-- After a pursuing hearse fails to pass the obstacle Bond passed on a mountainside.

-> ''She should've kept her mouth shut.''
-->-- After helping Kerim Bey shoot a man hiding behind a picture of Anita Ekberg.

-> ''You won't be needing this, old man.''
-->-- After taking his stuff back from the recently killed Red Grant.

-> ''I'd say one of their aircraft is missing.''
-->-- After shooting down a SPECTRE helicopter.

-> ''There's a saying in England: Where there's smoke, there's fire.''
-->-- After setting some SPECTRE boats ablaze.

->'''Tatiana Romanova''': Horrible, horrible woman.\\
'''James Bond''': ''Yes, she had her kicks.''
-->-- After Tatiana kills the shoe-knife wielding Rosa Klebb.

-> ''Shocking. Positively shocking.''
-->-- After [[ElectrifiedBathtub putting an electric heater in a bathtub]].

->'''Auric Goldfinger''' Forgive me, Mr. Bond, but, uh... I must arrange to separate my gold from the late Mr. Solo.\\
'''James Bond''': ''As you said, he had a pressing engagement.''
-->-- Referring to the gangster that Oddjob killed minutes before.

->'''Felix Leiter''': You okay, James? Where's your butler friend?\\
'''James Bond''': ''He blew a fuse.''
-->-- After Bond has electrocuted Oddjob.

->'''Pussy Galore''': What happened? Where's Goldfinger?\\
'''James Bond''': ''Playing his golden harp.''
-->-- After Goldfinger [[ContinuousDecompression is sucked out of his private jet.]]

->''Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She's just dead.''
-->-- After taking out Fiona Volpe by having one of her henchmen kill her.

->''I think he got the point.''
-->-- After killing Vargas with a harpoon gun.

->'''Domino''': I'm glad I killed him.\\
'''James Bond''': ''You're glad?''
-->-- After Domino saves Bond by killing Emilio Largo.

->'''Tiger Tanaka''': How is that for Japanese efficiency?\\
'''James Bond''': ''Just a drop in the ocean.''
-->-- After Tanaka tosses some henchmen into the ocean.

->''Bon appetit!''
-->-- After tossing a henchman into Blofeld's piranha pool. (Later used by Dalton in ''Licence To Kill'' after stuffing a henchman into a maggot tank.)

->''Welcome to Hell, Blofeld.''
-->-- After killing a Blofeld clone by pushing him into a pool of hot mud.

->'''Tiffany Case''': My God, you just killed James Bond!\\
'''James Bond''': Is that who it was? ''Well, it just goes to show no one's indestructible.''
-->-- Bond feigning surprise upon learning that he had killed "himself".

->''It's funny... all the things one wanted to say to one's brother, when it's all too late.''
-->-- His alibi just before boarding a plane to Los Angeles with the body of his "brother".

->''My condolences, gentlemen!''
-->-- As he leaves Slumber, Inc. as Shady Tree tries to question him about the whereabouts of the real diamonds; unusual in that no fatality is involved, but the pwnage in Bond's voice is still there.

->'''Ernst Stavro Blofeld''': Right idea, Mr. Bond.\\
'''James Bond''': ''But wrong pussy...''
-->-- After Bond offs another Blofeld clone.

->''Well, he certainly left with his tail between his legs.''
-->-- After literally [[HoistByHisOwnPetard hoisting Albert Wint with his own petard]].

[[folder:George Lazenby]]
->''Gate crasher! I'll leave you to tidy up.''
-->-- After knocking out a man and leaving him in the trashed hotel room.

->''He had lots of guts!''
-->-- After someone gets disemboweled by a snowblower.

->''He's branched off!''
-->-- After Blofeld hits a tree during the final bobsled chase.

[[folder:Roger Moore]]
->'''Solitaire''': Where's Kananga?\\
'''James Bond''': ''He always did have an inflated opinion of himself.''
-->-- After literally blowing up Kananga.

->'''Solitaire''': Now what are you doing?\\
'''James Bond''': ''Just being disarming, darling.''
-->-- After taking out Tee-Hee and tossing his metal arm out the window.

->''I'm afraid I'll have to owe you.''
-->-- Non-lethal example, after pushing a kid merchant who fixed Bond's boat into the river.

->''What a helpful chap.''
-->-- After dropping Sandor to his death after the latter mentions pyramids.

->''He was cut off - permanently.''
-->-- Commenting on club owner Max Kalba getting killed while answering the phone.

->''All those feathers and he still can't fly!''
-->-- After a motorcycle riding henchman runs into a cloud of feathers and falls off a cliff.

->'''Hugo Drax''': You missed, Mr Bond.\\
[=*=]Mook falls out of tree, dead[=*=]\\
'''James Bond''': ''[[ExactlyWhatIAimedAt Did I?]]'' As you said, ''such good sport.''
-->-- After Bond shoots a would be assassin during a hunting trip.

->''Play it again, Sam!''
-->-- After Bond chucks Chang out a window and onto a piano.

->'''Hugo Drax''': Why did you break up the encounter with my pet python?\\
'''James Bond''': ''I discovered it had a crush on me.''
-->-- After Bond kills the python Drax sent to kill him.

->'''Hugo Drax:''' At least I shall have the pleasure of putting you out of my misery. Desolated, Mr. Bond?\\
(''Bond slowly raises his hands, allowing his wrist-mounted dart launcher to shoot Drax'')\\
'''James Bond:''' Heartbroken, Mr. Drax. (''opens airlock door'') Please, allow me. [[PreMortemOneLiner Take a giant step back for mankind.]]\\
(''[[ThrownOutTheAirlock sends Drax into space]]'')\\
'''Dr. Goodhead''': Where's Drax?\\
'''James Bond''': ''Oh, he had to fly.''
-->-- After Bond launches Drax into outer space.

->''He had no head for heights.''
-->-- After Bond kicks Locque off a cliff.

->''"Thank god for hard currency."''
-->-- After surviving a stabbing attempt [[PocketProtector thanks to a wad of bills in his jacket pocket]].

->''He had a fly in his soup.''
-->-- After his French contact Aubergine gets stabbed by a poisoned butterfly puppet.

[[folder:Timothy Dalton]]
->'''Kara Milovy''': What happened?\\
'''James Bond''': ''He got the boot!''
-->-- After taking out Necros by taking off his boot.

->''He met his Waterloo.''
-->-- Remarking on Whitaker being crushed to death by a statue of the Duke Of Wellington.

->''Switch the bloody machine off!''
-->-- After dropping Dario into a grinder.

->''Looks like he came to a dead end.''
-->-- When bumping into Heller, who Sanchez killed [[ForkliftFu with a forklift]].


[[folder:Pierce Brosnan]]
->'''Alec Trevelyan''': You're late, 007.\\
'''James Bond''': ''I had to stop in the bathroom.''
-->-- After [[TheCanKickedHim coming out on top in a bathroom skirmish]] during the mission at the start.

->''The writing's on the wall?''
-->-- After Major Boothroyd demonstrates an exploding pen on a test dummy; as seen in the "Other Characters" section, Boothroyd proceeds to complete the one-liner.

->''She always did enjoy a good squeeze.''
-->-- After taking out Xenia Onatopp.

->''Backseat driver!''
-->-- After ejecting a would be assassin out of a fighter jet.

->''They'll print anything these days...''
-->-- After shoving a {{Mook}} into a printing press, resulting in red pages coming out.

->''I never miss.''
-->-- After killing someone who played the YouWouldntShootMe card and told him he'd miss her.


[[folder:Daniel Craig]]
->''Yes, considerably.''
-->-- When his target is KilledMidSentence while explaining that while the first kill is always difficult, the second kill is easier.

->''That last hand... nearly killed me.''
-->-- After surviving an assassination attempt during his game.

->''Slate was a dead end.''
-->-- A meta example; M realizes what had happened when Tanner relays Bond's message to her.

->''Last rat standing.''
-->-- His IronicEcho to Silva after knifing him during the climactic showdown.


[[folder:Other Characters]]
-> '''Albert Wint''': ''Curious how everyone who touches those diamonds seems to... die.''
-->-- After shoving a scorpion down a dentist's shirt.

->'''Pilot''': Stop right there! Who are you?\\
'''Albert Wint''': Dr. Tynan sent us.\\
'''Pilot''': Why didn't he come himself?\\
'''Charles Kidd''': He was taken sick.\\
'''Albert Wint:''' ''Bitten by the bug.''
-->-- Referring to the aforementioned dentist they killed.

->'''Charles Kidd''': ''If God had wanted man to fly...''\\
'''Albert Wint''': ''He would've given him wings, Mr. Kidd.''
-->-- After blowing up a helicopter as it prepares to depart from South Africa.

->'''Charles Kidd''': [[DueToTheDead Mrs. Whistler did want pictures of the Canal for the children.]]\\
'''Albert Wint''': [[PetTheDog How kind of you, Mr. Kidd.]] ''The children will be so thrilled.''
-->-- As Mr. Kidd honors Mrs. Whistler's request for pictures of the Canal in Amsterdam after her body is recovered from the drink.

->'''Charles Kidd''': ''Two's company, Mr. Wint...''\\
'''Albert Wint''': ''And Tree's a crowd, Mr. Kidd.''
-->-- After cutting down Shady Tree with a bullet to the brain.

->'''Albert R. Saxby''': Hold it! Don't go in there. We didn't get the real diamonds, so we need Tree alive.\\
'''Charles Kidd''': ''That's most annoying...''
-->-- When Saxby confronts Wint and Kidd outside of Shady Tree's dressing room, unaware that they had already done the deed.

->'''James Bond''': Saxby?\\
'''Willard Whyte''': Bert Saxby!?\\
'''James Bond''': Yeah...\\
'''Willard Whyte''': ''Tell him he's fired!''
-->-- After Saxby is gunned down by Whyte's bodyguards in the middle of an assassination attempt.

->'''Francisco Scaramanga''': ''Mr. Fat has just resigned; I am the new Chairman of the Board. He always did like that mausoleum. Put him in it.''
-->-- After killing his employer, Hai Fat.

->'''Francisco Scaramanga:''' ''Now, that's what I call solar power.''
-->-- After destroying Bond's plane with a solar-powered laser cannon.

->'''Mary Goodnight''': ''I knocked him out cold.''
-->-- After freezing an engineer to death by kicking him into liquid nitrogen.

->'''Karl Stromberg:''' ''Tell them the burial was at sea.''
-->-- Referring to the scientists he killed by blowing up their helicopter over the ocean.

->'''Major Anya Amasova:''' ''[[BorrowedCatchPhrase Shaken, but not stirred]].''
-->-- [[CarFu After pinning Jaws against a wall with a van]].

->'''Vijay:''' ''Game, set, and match!''
-->-- After beating a mook by using a tennis racket. Vijay is played by [[TheDanza Vijay Amritraj]], [[CastingGag who is a professional tennis player]].

->'''Max Zorin''': ''So, does anyone else want to drop out?''
-->-- After a businessman gets ThrownFromTheZeppelin.

->'''Felix Leiter:''' Where's my wife?
->'''Dario:''' Don't worry. ''We gave her a nice'' honeymooooon.
-->-- After Sanchez's goons have raped and killed Della.

->''He disagreed with something that ate him. [[LampshadeHanging (P.S. We have plenty more]] [[EvilHasABadSenseOfHumor jokes as good as this.)]]''
-->-- Note left on a horrifically mauled and still-breathing Felix Leiter, borrowed from ''Literature/LiveAndLetDie''.

->'''Sharkey''': God, what a terrible waste...\\
''*Bond glares at Sharkey*''\\
'''Sharkey''': ''Of money.''
-->-- After Killifer falls into Sanchez's SharkPool.

->'''Perez''': What about the money, ''Patron''?\\
'''Sanchez''': Launder it.
-->-- After Sanchez puts Krest into a hyperbaric chamber filled with money and [[ExplosiveDecompression cutting the air supply with an axe]].

->'''Major Boothroyd''': ''Along with the rest of him.''
-->-- Adding to Bond's remark about how "the writing's on the wall" after demonstrating an exploding pen on a test dummy.

->'''Xenia Onatopp''': ''I had to ventilate someone.''
-->-- After riddling [[AirVentPassageway an overhead ventilation shafted]] whose cover had been disturbed, assuming it's where Natalya hid. [[SubvertedTrope She's actually]] [[DecoyHidingPlace in the cupboard]].

->'''Miranda Frost''': I can read your every move!\\
'''Jinx''': [[PreMortemOneLiner Read this...]] ''[[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch!]]''
-->-- Jinx stabs Frost while the latter shields herself with a book called "The Art of War"; note the PotHole to PreMortemOneLiner over what Jinx says right ''before'' the stabbing.

->'''Jinx''': ''I think I broke her heart.''
-->-- Her subsequent remark to Bond about said stabbing.

->'''Kincade''': ''Welcome to Scotland.''
-->-- Greeting the {{Mook}} he had just killed.