Quotes / Bobby G

"why are you talking about my penis"

"Oh, and I'm disappointed in you, Vent guys. You mistook Crowley for the Bible and Rousseau for Nietzsche."

"I wouldn't like people to think the most notable thing I've said was the word 'penis'."

"Alcohol is for losers. Cool kids spend their birthdays watching illegally downloaded foreign cartoons and talking to people they've never met over the Internet."
Bobby G, on birthdays.

"If maths were a person, it would be a boring businessman with a boring job who bores everybody he talks to, then goes home every night and paints pictures of the universe. "

"Think of it like a kind of parasitic alien. It's not a good analogy, but it sounds cool."
Bobby G, on English and its loan words.

"Fuck if I know. I didn't do a very good job here, did I? Maybe I should go bully some newbies or something."
Bobby G, on working on his Mod skills.

Narwhals don't give a damn about your sex life or your personality, and are therefore not an appropriate means of measuring one's suitability for a Team Pollyanna.

Zeus is the God of Sticking His Willy in Places it Doesn't Belong.

I'm an atheist. Or, more precisely, I'm a confirmed, church-going liberal Methodist Christian engaged in an adulterous ménage à trois with agnostic humanism and agnostic moral nihilist non-cognitivism, and flirting with Discordianism behind their backs. I'm such a whore.

Heck, I manage OK without a soul. Although, I should probably get one if I'm going to try this soulbonding thing. Maybe I can scam my brother out of his. He's Christian, so it should be in good condition.

Uh... "pizza is delicious"? "I herd u liek mudkipz"? "All hail the glorious USA"? "All hail the glorious Touhou"? "TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life"? "Parable is the most awesome person in the universe"?

Oh, epic GMH responseposts, how I have missed thee

I would have been happier had you not told me about your bowel movements or your lolicon fetish.

It would actually be funny if some Western power attempted [to place a blockade on Israel and Palestine], only for the pair of them to join forces and start a major international war.
Yes it would, don't argue.

I am a girl with a penis and no breasts who identifies as male.
Bobby G, on his gender.

WTF redirect abuse much o_o;

TV Tropes Wiki: we have derails about flaming rusty ass cacti.
Bobby G. Hopefully our new motto.

"I'm sick of hearing the word 'hugbox'. YF is not a padded mechanical device designed to comfort autistic individuals."
> Win
You win the Game! You have succeeded in completely forgetting about that wretched meme!
...Oh, dammit.

>Philosophy thread, bitches.

Well, philosophy, religion, and aliens.

"Yes Aon. I am the embodiment of ballsiness. Everything I say and do is fuelled by one hundred percent essence of testicular fortitude. I am testicles personified.

In other words, I am nuts."

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