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Quotes: Bloodier and Gorier
"No no no, this won't do at all! When your head explodes, there's got to be WAY more brain matter flying out!! Bloosh!!"
Akira Dorotabo, Super Cruel and Terrible Tales of Mangaka

"Man, the PS4's good at rendering a screaming girl's guts! ..Although I doubt they'll be putting that in the marketing packages."
Zero Punctuation on Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

"You know something, DC? Psychotic clowns are scary enough. Psychotic clowns with the skin of their faces cut off and then sewn on again are enough to make both Jack Nicholson and the late Heath Ledger go, "Damn, that's a bit unsubtle." But that's the new 52 for ya — heroes get piping on their outfits, villains get extreeeeeme. If you're gonna show Catwoman boning Batman, Joker has to go further."
Topless Robot on Death Of The Family

"Troughton is less upset [about] watching his dinner companion coldly murder someone than one might hope. Baker, on the other hand, is almost unrecognizable as 'the Doctor' at times when compared to the character as understood in 1969. It's not just that he dispatches one of the main villains by smothering him with cyanide — something that is not quite unreasonable in and of itself given that the villain is a murderous sociopath who wants to eat him and his companions and that he is actively being hunted by said villain and is wounded. Rather, it's that, after killing him, Baker's Doctor stands over his corpse and makes wisecracks at him... it's not just the Doctors reveling in death here. It's the entire production. Every inch of this story seems to fetishize death, whether it be in discussions of it or, in the end, in grotesque shots of Sontarans with their (alarmingly bright green) viscera spewing about the place. This is Doctor Who that does not just use violence to resolve plot threads here and there, it seems to love violence and see violence as central to the show's pleasure."
Phil Sandifer on Doctor Who, "The Two Doctors"

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