Quotes: Blood Lust

"I want to die a horrible, bloody death that's completely painless....I don't like ouchies."
"Hello, Robin. Taking a break to kick off a day of bloodshed?"
"Oh, NICE! I'm still bleeding in, like, twelve different places! Look at all that blood..."
"Just DYING to die, aren't ya! Yeah, well over my dead body! My bloody, crumpled corpse... All bruised and broken... Mmm..."
"Yeah, blood!"

Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge. Other times it helps me control the chaos.
Dexter Morgan , Dexter

If you want blood, you got it
If you want blood, you got it
Blood on the streets
Blood on the rocks
Blood in the gutter
Every last drop
You want blood, you got it
AC/DC, "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)"