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F-Zero? Isn't that the game known for nothing other than all your base are belong to us?

-On F-Zero

Is it bad that I really want an extensive quote page like Tzetze's?

-On Quote Pages

I have no inner nerd. Inner lots of things, not an inner nerd though, I can only assume this is because I am an outer nerd.

-On being a nerd.

The web is my window to the outside world, and I really don't enjoy being trapped in [my hometown].

-On smalltown wangst

Quote me, bitches.

-On being quoted

Let's run through the list here, shall we?
For one thing, if you're wearing a damn groucho mustache, bowler hat and glasses no shit people are going to tell you're wearing a fucking disguise. Fucking amateur, secondly, if you get caught red-handed (which you did) man up, don't be a pussy about it. Thirdly, you're a fucking yellow ball why do you need a disguise in the first place? You could easily go almost anywhere undetected if you weren't wearing that damn dime store getup. You could get on a plane, Muslims can't do that no more, but you could, because you're a fucking ball! Do you get where I'm going with this? You're honestly stupid enough to not only believe that you—let me reiterate this, a fucking ballneed a disguise, but that a toy mustache and a hat is a disguise, and not only that'' you think that saying "oop, I'm not wearing a disguise" is actually going to get you out of being caught.
Fucking noob.
-On disguises, From theWhat offends you about the previous post? game.

Well if you're close enough to give a mod a massage, you could ask while you're giving it to them.

-On messaging massaging the mods

Is murder still illegal in this country or...?

-On murder.

I will say that my favorite food is shoes

-On randomness being an enforced standard, rather than an outlier.

I once downloaded all of KISS' discography solely out of spite.

- On downloading all of KISS' discography solely out of spite.

You could ride a flaming evil red walrus named Rufus through the empire state building whilst yodeling, and someone could ask me if I knew what was going on, and I'd just be like "yep, that's Aondeug. She crazy."

- On Aondeug

You know what else everyone used to think was cool?
also smoking.
also Hitler
Yes, I just implied that research papers are worse than Satan, Hitler, and smoking put together. What'cha gonna do about it?

- On research papers


- On Justice4243