Quotes / Blinded by the Light

Mama always told me
Not to look into the eyes of the
But mama!
That's where the fun is!
Manfred Mann's Earth Band, during their cover of the Trope Namer.

"Oh, Jesus, goh, ho! What was that? Oh, is this manganese? I think I just got flashbanged... Oh, it's pure, oh it's pure white... I ju- I can- I can only see white... Is this... is that God?"

Grunkle Stan: Nothing brightens a dark room like light from a window. Time to open the window- (a rainbow shines directly into his eyes) OH NO! WHY!? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?
Mabel: Ta-da! Surprise!
Grunkle Stan: MY EYES ARE ON FIRE! (repeatedly screams)
Mabel: Maybe we overdid it a little bit...
Grunkle Stan: (screams) OH IT'S SO HOT, IT HURTS! (screams)
Gravity Falls, Mabel's Guide to Color