Quotes / Blinded by the Light

"Blinded by the light revved up like a deuce another runner in the night..."
Manfred Mann

"Oh, Jesus, goh, ho! What was that? Oh, is this manganese? I think I just got flashbanged... Oh, it's pure, oh it's pure white... I ju- I can- I can only see white... Is this... is that God?"

Grunkle Stan: Nothing brightens a dark room like light from a window. Time to open the window- (a rainbow shines directly into his eyes) OH NO! WHY!? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?
Mabel: Ta-da! Surprise!
Grunkle Stan: MY EYES ARE ON FIRE! (repeatedly screams)
Mabel: Maybe we overdid it a little bit...
Grunkle Stan: (screams) OH IT'S SO HOT, IT HURTS! (screams)
Gravity Falls, Mabel's Guide to Color