Quotes / Black Helicopter

Ron: So, what are the chances that they're not after us?
Kim: They're black helicopters, Ron. They're always after us.

Do you buy your appliances from a place that delivers by black helicopter? Those guys do not honour warranties.
Dave Davenport, Narbonic

Farmer: People's been saying they've been seeing UFO's around.
Officer Barbrady: UFO's? (laughs)
Farmer: Yeah, and black army, CIA helicopters and trucks.
Officer Barbrady: That is the silliest thing I've ever heard.
Farmer: What was that?
Officer Barbrady: That, that was a pigeon.

Contrary to the urban legend, black helicopters are not invisible. They are, however, cloaked with the best tech the Black Hats can manage on this side of the Gauntlet. Arcane technomagick renders the 'copters inconspicuous; thermal camouflage deflects heat sensors and adjusts light refractions off the the copter's surface; finally, mental projectors send "not my business" vibes to anyone who might be watching. While most of these helicopters are literally painted jet-black, their counter-sensory array allows them to essentially disappear.
Mage: The Ascension - The Technomancer's Toolbox

Conspiracy Theorist: Black Helicopters! With silenced, counter-rotating blades and light-absorbing paint! They're real, man! Don't be suckered in by the media lies!
Virus: Helicopters? Try VTOL jet aircraft, dude. And there's no such thing as "light-absorbing paint". It's actually a resin matrix of nanoscopic piezoelectric metacrystals. Active noise-cancellation is civvy technology already used in sound studios, you just need a massive number of CPU cycles to make it work 3-dimensionally on a whole aircraft. Techno-angelic cloud-computing makes CABAL the most powerful supercomputer in the world, of course, so that's not a problem.
Eastwood: Those guys are foreign businessmen or something. You got nothing to worry about from them. They aren't Inquisition.
Conspiracy Theorist: I- You- Oh. Oh gods. Oh gods.
Lothar: Keep watching the skies, friend. We'll see you later.