Quotes / Black Best Friend

"Hey Chewbacca! (referring to Solo) You still hangin' around with this loser?"
—A warm greeting between old pals Han Solo and Lando Calrissian in The Empire Strikes Back

"Finish the fucking hole! We've got to win this motherfucker!"
—Skipper Jenkins to The Champion.

Ted: (watching J.D and Turk hug) I need one of those.
J.D: A hug?
Ted: No, a black friend. I think it would make me much cooler.
Turk: I should be offended, but he's right.

geromy is always the new friend. hes always there and adds much needed racial diversity to these two white assholes who fuck everything up. geromy doesnt fuck anything up ever because hes perfect. i love geromy.
Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff author's notes

I mean, who has a black best friend, right? Like, in real life, if youre trying to be all authentic? (turning to the room full of unsmiling black actresses) Do any of you have a white best friend? No? Right.

"All my black friends have a bunch of white friends, and all my white friends have one black friend!"