Quotes / Big Red Button

Now why would you go and do something like that? Didn't you see the sign that said 'DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON!'? —How will we finish testing with the self-destruct mechanism ACTIVE!?

Mechanacles: Stay away from that lever!
Aladdin: Why?
Mechanacles: It'll destroy my precious invention!
[Aladdin puts both hands on lever]
Mechanacles: [writing on scroll] Never tell enemy which lever will destroy invention.

Krieger: Press that red button.
Archer: Wait, is that going to kill everybody?
Krieger: ...press that blue button.

War Doctor: Now, how do you work? Why is there never a big red button?

Cornmander: Scrooge, push the button!
Scrooge: No, not the red button!
Cornmander: The red button!
(Scrooge presses the button and Giant Robot Christopher Walken kicks Giant Super Saiyan Vegeta's butt.)
Ducktalez 3

He pressed the big red button labelled DO NOT PRESS.
Rolling Steel: A Pre-Apocaylpse Love Story