Quotes / Big Damn Heroes

Vyse: "There's no point in resisting. Throw down your weapons and hand over your ship!"
Valuan Soldier: "Imbeciles! What do you think the two of you can do against the five of us? Take them down!"
*A gunshot rings out and a bullet hits the soldier in the head. The camera cuts to a man holding a smoking pistol*
Dyne: "I think you miscounted. I only see four of you."

Mal: Well, look at this! Appears we got here just in the nick of time. What does that make us?
Zoe: Big damn heroes, sir!
Mal: Ain't we just.
Firefly, "Safe"

"You're all clear, kid! Now let's blow this thing and go home!"
Han Solo, A New Hope

"What do you think I'm gonna do? I'm gonna save the fuckin' day."
Cameron Poe, Con Air

"The hero is supposed to get there late!"
Kurz Weber, Full Metal Panic!! The Second Raid

It is sudden. The battlefield is filled with explosions and falling drop pods, the beleagured defenders of mankind cheer as they watch the stark armored figures emerge in their wrath. The forces of darkness despair as they know their doom is nigh, the Angels of Death come for them on wings of fire.

"Did you have a pleasant rest, waiting for the most dramatic moment to strike?"
Avitus, Dawn of War II

"GYAHAHA!! GYAHAHA!! GYAHA!! GYAHA!! GYAHAHAHA!! Are you some kind of prince who swoops in to save the girl when she's in a pinch!?"
Giriko, Soul Eater

Fray: You don't have the scopes probably, over in Scaryhellsburg or wherever, but me and Harth used to watch the Western ones all the time. They had a tradition. They called it the "last stand."
Erin: Yeah, I watched those, too. They had another tradition I liked.
(Panel shows Erin and at least a dozen police vehicles)
Erin: They called it the cavalry.

"Get it out of the way so we can concentrate on being big goddamn heroes."
Zaeed Massani, Mass Effect 2

Tali'Zorah: Shepard? I'm not complaining, but you show up at the strangest times. What are you doing in the middle of geth space?
Shepard: I was in the neighborhood, thought you might need a hand.

"Hold it right there, vile serpent!!"
Susano, Ōkami

Oh Dora dear, sweet Dora dear,
Keep courage up and chin held high!
The stalwart sons of old P. U.
Are here at hand to do or die!note 
Tom, Dick, and Larry to Dora Standpipe, The Dover Boys

"Heroes always arrive late."
Masahiro Sakurai, talking about the song "Go K.K. Rider!" on the Smash Bros. DOJO!!

"All of a sudden, some guys rushed into the room."

Sorry to keep you waiting.
Piccolo, Dragon Ball Z

(Empress has Joseph on the ropes, but an unknown man shows up.)
???: Looking lame, JoJo. You're getting old.
Joseph: N..No..way! Yo...you're...
???: Looks like you're doing well!
Joseph: Caesar! Double Shock! To meet you as if you were a ghost on the mortal plane. Wait, just a single shock.

"No, sir! All thirteen!"
— A Time Lord announcing all the incarnations of the Doctor arriving to save Gallifrey, Doctor Who 50th AS "The Day of the Doctor"


Woah, woah, I didn't know Dan Aykroyd was in this picture!
Swackhammer, Space Jam, when Bill Murray shows up.

"There's no way they'll appear in the nick of time. They're not American comic book heroes that save the day. I can't count on them to make a grand "Ta-daa!" entrance and save me."
Jean-Pierre Polnareff, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Tifa: (to Cloud) "Anyway... thanks again for saving my skin. The way you showed up and fought that guy off... it was a pretty cool thing to watch. You were like a hero charging in to save the girl."

Spider-Man: Everybody, say 'hi' to Takyua Yamashiro, the Spider-Man of Earth-51778! Oh, and did I mention he has a giant robot?
[Leopardon busts through the portal, flying straight at Solus]
Takuya!Spider-Man: LEOPARDON!
Solus: What manner of creature are you?!
Takuya!Spider-Man: I am the emissary of Hell! And I will fight this great evil for the fate of all Spiders!

"I figured I'd wait for you all to be in trouble and then I'd make an awesome heroic entrance. Pretty cool, right?"

"This is a rare card. Organization XIII's entire boots-on-the-ground team, all in one place. An astonishing six-man-mission."
Luxord, after he and a few other members appear to help confront Riku, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Dr. Nefarious: NOOOOOO!! I don't believe it!!
Captain Qwark: Believe it, toaster head!

"You couldn't have saved this woman... Or your friend. But you could have if you had have known in time. And that's the other thing I'm offering you, a chance to be there in time."
Finch, Person of Interest

Thug: You pay on time, you get protection. If you don't... (slaps the woman) Or are you expecting a Knight in Shining Armor?
"It's a pleasure to meet you. Oh, wait. No it's not."
Ampharos to Nuzleaf, Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

"You know how in stories the hero usually shows up at the last minute and then kicks butt? Well that's I'm gonna do right now! Believe it!"
Naruto, Naruto

Hellfire: I'm on fire. Well, a little more than usual.
(prepares to murder Daisy and Jemma, but a familiar hand grabs the chain.)
Robbie: Huh.
(Robbie snatches the chain off Hellfire.)
Hellfire: I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you just made a big mistake.
Robbie: Funny, I was gonna say the same thing. Without the accent.
Daisy: Robbie?
Robbie: Take the stairs, find Agent Coulson.
Daisy: Coulson?
Robbie: Go.

Delenn: This is Ambassador Delenn of the Minbari. Babylon 5 is under our protection. Withdraw, or be destroyed.
Drake: Negative. We have authority here. Do not force us to engage your ship.
Delenn: Why not? Only one human captain has ever survived battle with a Minbari fleet. He is behind me; you are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else.

"And in that very moment, away behind in some courtyard of the city, a cock crowed. Shrill and clear he crowed, recking nothing of war nor of wizardry, welcoming only the morning that in the sky far above the shadows of death was coming with the dawn. And as if in answer there came from far away another note. Horns, horns, horns, in dark Mindolluin's sides they dimly echoed. Great horns of the north wildly blowing. Rohan had come at last."

Ultraman Geed: What took you so long?
Ultraman Zero: Heh, you know what they say. The star always show up late!