Quotes / Bi the Way

Summer: (talking about her exes) Oh, and then there was Charlie.
Tom: (pictures a group of people, zooms in on an attractive guy)
Summer: She was nice and all, but...
Tom: (zooms in on an attractive woman behind said guy)

I kiss other girls, sure, but that doesn't make me a lesbian. Does it? I mean, I read Playgirl".
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Stiles: I thought you liked girls.
Caitlin: I do like girls. Do you?
Stiles: Absolutely.
Caitlin: Great!
Stiles: So you also like boys?
Caitlin: Absolutely! Do you?
Teen Wolf, Episode 3x16 "Illuminated"

Mad Max: You might talk a big huggy feely left wing kumbaya game but we all know if your son came home with a dude you'd be changing your tune.
Commander Badass: Ha ha, whut? Y'honesty think I never picked up a guy?
Mad Max: Wait, you mean you have?
Big Boss: You mean you haven't?
I'm g-g-gettin' bi. Getting bi.
And it's something I'd like to demystify.
It's not a phase. I'm not confused.
Not indecisive. Don't have the "gotta choose" blues!
I don't care if you wear high heels or a tie.
You might just catch my eye.
Because I'm definitely bi!
— Darryl Whitefeather, "Getting Bi," Crazy Ex-Girlfriend