Quotes / Better Than Sex

"Sometimes when I'm eating a blueberry muffin, it's so tasty and delightful, that I think, 'Wow, this is better than sex!' And sometimes when I'm having sex I think, 'Wow, this is very expensive. I should have just gotten a muffin.'"
—Mitch Fatel

"Few people in the world get to hit their bosses but those who do will tell you it is better than sex."
—Chetan Bhagat

"It beats any meat injection. That beats any fucking cock in the world!"
—Allison (on shooting heroin), Trainspotting

"There's nothing better than good sex. But bad sex? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is better than bad sex."

"Nothing is better than sex, and anyone who says no has never had a good woman."
—Roger Daltry

"Have you ever flown a flying saucer? Afterwards, sex seems trite."
—Lt. Jack Schaefer, The X-Files

Candidate: For me, making money is better than sex.
Harry Hill: You're not doing it right.
Harry Hill's TV Burp, reviewing series 5 of The Apprentice (UK).

"Glorious! A rush, an incredible rush. A heroin addict's rush of drugs into his blood, a drunk's first drink burning down a raw, ready throat. Oh, oh, I wanted to, to scream, to flail out of control. It was mind, it was body, it was sex and money and power and revenge and triumph all rolled into one."
Senna Wales, opening the gateway between universes.

"Magic! So this was what it felt like! No wonder wizards didn't have much truck with sex!"

"Nothing, nothing, nothing is better than sex; it is what God created us to do."
Novak Djokovic, professional Tennis player.

There are cakes out there that claim to be better than sex, and we feel a great surge of pity for the makers of said cakes. This cake has infinitely more realistic goals, and therefore accomplishes them. It's a good way to tell your sweetheart that you're not fit to touch the hem of his or her garment.

Potere e meglio di fottere ("Power is better than sex")
— old Sicilian proverb

I had my first pizza at Durham. I had other firsts too, but it's the pizza that stands out.
— Mrs Lintott, The History Boys

"Oh Universe! This is more fun than the sex competitions!"
Lenart, Earthsearch, "New Blood"