Quotes / Beethoven Was an Alien Spy

The Palindrome: Nobody has a phased polaron cannon.
The Middleman: I do.
The Palindrome: But that's impossible, Niels Bohr died while building it...
The Middleman/The Palindrome: ... in 1962.
The Middleman: Ah, Bohr. He's anything but. You should see the Christmas card he sent me last year. What a gas.
The Middleman, "The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome"

Yes, I found a plausible explanation for televangelist-mode god bothering. It involves Cthulhu.

I set up a sandstone marker, and since I knew Dvorak came from Catholic people, I scratched into the stone the sign of the cross. Jesus, from the Milky Way. Another glim. Hard to kill.
A Dry, Quiet War by Tony Daniel

Tabitha: The money... where does it come from?
Agent Gran: Legacy of JFK and Reagan. JFK because he was, like, really oddly obsessed with this idea of boning alien chicks. All sorts of weird memos about space condoms. I shit you not. And Reagan because... well honestly, man, I don't think anyone should have let Nixon try to download his personality into the poor actor in the first place. That shit was bound to degrade eventually. And the whole interfacing issues... nightmare, man, total nightmare.
Anti-Hero, by Jonathan Wood