Quotes / Be a Whore to Get Your Man

"Ugh, please. Every man wants a tramp. No wonder you girls aren't married."
Bend Her, Futurama, "Bend Her"

Corelle: All I'm saying is that the—that certain families are making noises that they want to come courting and see you decked out in something other than a walking robe and hat. Hell, you might as well be stuffed in gunnysack when you're out in public—at least as far as a woman knowing if you're worth looking at or not.
Jerin: That's not the point, Corelle.
Corelle: You need some nice clothes so we can show you off and make a good match. People are saying you're not as fetching as rumored and need a once over to be satisfied.

"Genetically, logically, rationally and emotionally men desire and need to breed with the women other men want to fuck; the slut, the tramp is always the most sexually attractive woman to men (why do you think top self magazines & internet porn are so popular?). It's a fact that the more promiscuous a woman is the more a man craves her."

He's just another lover tonight
He's just another lover tonight
He's just another lover tonight
He's just another lover tonight
He's just another lover tonight

You think you're undetected
Your moves would go unnoticed
Well, why does that lead me to you?
Do you think you will find next
And land on your feet just like I do

—- Cheryl Ladd, "Just Another Lover Tonight"

It's not that somebody wants to shove the Doctor on a bed and have their end away with him, because Iíve had some very naughty thoughts myself about David Tennant and Matt Smith! Nope if the Doctor wants to get his end away I donít mind... Let's not beat around the bush, she is attempting to have a fling on the night of her wedding because she thinks she has found something better. What an ungrateful cow. Rory should kick her to the curb at the slightest hint that she is doing the dirty. And the Doctor should kick her to the curb because she tried to make him the instrument of her infidelity... The way she continues to play the two men throughout the season is a dirty stain on a pretty decent year of Doctor Who.
Joe Ford on Doctor Who Series 5