Quotes / Bavarian Fire Drill

"We're a planet of over six billion ninnies living in a civilization that was designed by a few thousand amazingly smart deviants."

"Just walk about like you own the place. Always works for me."

"Military bases were much like beehives: It was very difficult to get inside, but once you were in everyone just sort of assumed you'd been cleared by management and let you go about your business."

"You're promoted," Kaladin said. "If anyone asks, you've been given a field commission as commander of the rear guard. If anyone claims to outrank you, send them to me."
The man started. "Promoted... Who are you? Can you do that?"
"Someone needs to."

"Your men won’t leave without you, and my men won’t leave without them. So you will get on your horse and we will escape this death-trap. Do you understand?"'
Kaladin, again, now ordering around Dalinar, highprince and general of the army he's rescuing.

"Key to sneaking into places: act like you're supposed to be there."
Avatar Extras, "The King Of Omashu"

Mugger: (Dramatic Gun Cock) You gettin' mugged, kid!
Muggee: No. (makes Finger Guns) You're getting mugged.
Mugger: DAH, how the hell's that even work!?

“They're madmen! They've gone down to the detention level! If you hurry, you could still catch them!”
C-3PO in A New Hope, to a squad of Stormtroopers.

He kept walking. It was all about confidence. Confidence was the key to everything. Use enough of it and you could pull off any scam, win any fight, or bed any mamzel. The more you acted like you were absolutely supposed to be doing something, the less chance anyone would ask what the hell you were up to, until it was too late, and they were - depending on the circumstances - financially worse off, dead, or surprisingly naked.
The guard didn't spare him a second look.

Hahahahaha, I can't believe that actually worked.
Shepard, Mass Effect 2

You say something with the right authority, you generally get what you want.
Joe MacMillan, Sr., Halt and Catch Fire

Sheriff: Stop Stop! You can't go in there! You're not allowed in there! This is the King's private garden! You're standing on royal ground!
Bugs: Royal ground? You mean to say that this ground is better than that ground over there?
Sheriff: Yes, it is!
Bugs: Oh, I don't know. Now, you take this piece of ground over here. Now, here's a nice piece of property; level, fruit trees, choice view, improvements already in. Ehh, what type of house was you planning?
Sheriff: Well, I, uh...I sort of had a six-room, two-door in mind.
Bugs: Then this place is just for you and it's priced just right. But, eh, first, uh, are you a veteran?
Sheriff: No, I'm a...
Bugs: Good, then it'll be easy! Here, just sign on the dotted line.
Sheriff: Well, uh... Couldn't call you later? You see, I, uh...
Bugs: Well, I don't know. You see, there was a couple here from Kansas City looking at this place earlier this morning and they...
Sheriff: (signs contract) Alright, I'll sign! I'll sign! Here!
Bugs: You will never regret it, my friend! This place'll double in value inside of six months!