Quotes / Battle in the Center of the Mind

I've waited years for this.
Angel and Angelus

Rogue: This is only happening in my mind -
"Ms Marvel": And that's exactly why it's real!

Red Zeo Ranger: Zeo Ranger Five. Don't tell me you've forgotten already.
Tommy Oliver: That's impossible.
Red Zeo Ranger: Oh, it's possible, and I'm still as tough as ever. The question is - are you?
Power Rangers Dino Thunder, "Fighting Spirit"

Now, nothing personal, but run the numbers. Someone's gotta take charge around here before it's too late.
Soulless-Sam, Supernatural, "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

Finally, the drama within her reaches a fever pitch... thoughts are pushed and pulled back and forth within her mind at ever-increasing speed... and, at last, the landscape can take no more and erupts with fantastic fury...