Quotes / Batman Can Breathe in Space

Slippy Toad: Hey, this is no time for chitchat, guys! Shouldn't we be worried about Fox? He's out there with no air! How's he supposed to breathe?
Peppy Hare: Bah! Way to go, Slippy. No one would've even noticed if you hadn't opened your big yap!

You are a greasy Italian spaz standing on a platform unsupported in the yawning void of space.
What now?
You can't do that (somehow).

Oxygen's for losers!... Who told you you needed oxygen? Some loser trying to make you feel small.
Confidence, moments before taking off his helmet and exploding, Red Dwarf, "Confidence and Paranoia"

Noah Antwiler as Miles Quaritch: Motherfucker, no way he live. *charges out into poisonous atmosphere*
Noah Antwiler as Subordinate: Sir you need mask!
Noah Antwiler as Miles Quaritch: I don't need no fuckin mask!
Miles Antwiler as Miles Quaritch: Screw you, I don't need to breathe!
Noah Antwiler as Miles Quaritch: Pussy, I can hold my breath for fifteen minutes!

Oh yeah. Breathing. I suppose some of you pussies need to do that.
Colonel Miles Quaritch, Avatar, as interpreted by Rifftrax

Kenji: Wait a minute: there's no air!
Hiroshi: I don't need it.

Oh, and what's with the space suits on the kids? It's like the cover to S.C.I Spy - slap a fishbowl on their heads and BAM! No suffocation! I mean, they didn't even change out of their street clothes!
Linkara on The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man #1

Wait Uncle Scrooge, you need a suit out there!
How are you alive?
You need heat!
Also air!

How are they breathing? And why is there gravity? I suggest that you not worry about it too much.

Robin Christoper: "He's Outer Space Batman. He shoots far."
Winnie The Owl-Pooh: "Outer Space Batman? But he has no helmet. How does he breathe in space?"
Robin Christopher: "He's Batman. He can breathe in space."

*sniff* "Ah, I love that moon air."
MC Bat Commander, The Aquabats! Super Show!

How long can Saiyans survive in the cold vacuum of outer space? I doubt that you'll find it nearly as effortless as I do!
Freeza, Dragon Ball Kai

"Hi, I'm Shinji Ikari, and I can breathe in space?"
Shinji, Last Child of Krypton, chapter 2

There's more to being a super hero than just being the strongest! For example, you might also be the fastest, or the smartest, or have the ability to breathe in space like it isn't even a big deal.

The atmosphere was not like that of Earth or Krypton. It was mainly carbon dioxide, at a pressure of about .15 psi, as opposed to 14.7 psi on Terra and a slightly greater density on their homeworld. Their voices sounded strange to themselves when they spoke. But the air's differing composition meant nothing to them. They could breathe almost anything, or nothing at all.

He had little taste for space, actually. The lack of sound was a major sensory deprivation. He could always attune his super-hearing to take in noises from Earth or other planets, and often he did. But it never kept back the knowledge that the spaces between worlds were not intended for human life, not even such as his.
Krypts could survive there. Because Krypts were freaks.

And somehow... Impossibly... I don't have to breathe. Just like I don't need to eat anymore. I don't need to sleep anymore. I should be used to impossible by now.

When she had slowed enough, Supergirl simply winked out of warp-time and found herself back in orbital space. Her lungs automatically tried to breathe, found vacuum, and ceased action. Kara willed them subconsciously to retain what oxygen they contained.