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Quotes: Bat Deduction
David: Batman figures out the numbers mean M.R.E., even though he has to combine the 1 and 8 to make 18 to do it, and then that that means “Mr. E”, or “mystery,” or “enigma,” or “E. Nygma,” therefore Edward Nygma is the Riddler. This is some grade-a, unfiltered Batman ’66 “Seaplane… Sea… C is for Catwoman!” s***.
Chris: I’ll not hear a word spoken against Burt Ward’s deductive process, you cretin.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman Forever

Jeff Goldblum: Oh, their ship is massive! There's no way to stop it! Wait a minute: jackets!
Chef: Oh no.
Jeff: If people don't wear jackets they could get cold. A cold is caused by a virus. A viru- a computer virus! We could make a computer virus and send it to their ships to disable their computers!
Chef: That doesn't make any God-damned sense!
South Park, "Cancelled"

Why Are Fire Engines Red?
They have four wheels and eight men;
four plus eight is twelve;
twelve inches make a ruler;
a ruler is Queen Elizabeth;
Queen Elizabeth sails the seven seas;
the seven seas have fish;
the fish have fins;
the Finns hate the Russians;
the Russians are red;
fire engines are always rushin’;
so they’re red.
Opening of textbook chapter on "Logical Fallacies"

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