Quotes / Bash Brothers

Honestly, can anyone say without a doubt that they can take Batman and Superman?

"The Ice Climbers have conquered frozen glaciers and dangerous mountaintops together. I think they've formed a bond that we can't even fathom."

"Once you've taken a man out for whisky and ribs... then fought him... then fought the police with him... well, you have forged a bond thicker than any soup you can buy. That's not girl talk, either. That is just facts."
The Soldier, Team Fortress 2

Superman: We're surrounded you know. I can hear them all.
Batman: I think we can take them. Do you think we can take them?
Superman: You always think we can take them.
Batman: Yes, I do.
Superman: Then let's do this.
Superman and Batman talking, Superman/Batman

Superman: Now there isn't a thing in all the universe that can stop him!
Supergirl: Well, I know two "things" who are certainly gonna try!