Quotes / Bare-Handed Blade Block

"Martial-arts experts agree that a well-trained man with a sword, against a well-trained man without a sword, would easily cut him in half."
Black Belt Magazine

Serpico: "Don't be absurd."
Guts: *Gripping the blade of Serpico's saber with his right hand* "Absurd? Not at all."
Serpico: "Are you certain? If I draw back the sword now..." *Serpico realizes that he cannot free his sword*
Guts: "With a bit of brawn and reflexes, it's not necessarily absurd."

Commander Sazabi: Are you out of your mind!? Using your bare hands!? You can't do that!
Captain Gundam: I'm afraid I must contradict you!
'SD Gundam Force, as Captain does this against Sazabi's Beam Swords

Darth Vader: How could your skin possibly resist the damage of a Sith's blade?!
Jon: [holding up his now-skeletoned hand and smiling] It can't. [weakly slaps Vader around with the skeleton hand]
JonTron, Starcade finale