Quotes / Bad Dreams

"I don't sleep. But Billy had dreams. Bad dreams. Every day I'd hear about them. But every night, he'd live them."

Terrors sing their songs to me
Clawing, choking, killing me.
If I wake theyíll let me go
Let me goÖ
— "Drowning In A Bright Red Sea", a poem by wildewriter99 note 

Dear Death,
Okay. Iím kind of nervous about this, but letís make one thing clear: I want to talk to you, not meet you. Alright? Just let me sleep a little. Let me find the abyss and come back.
I donít want to dream anymore. Save me.
Yours Faithfully,
Letters to Death, by Rieal-Dragonsbane

"You have nightmares all the time about it. The memory keeps coming after you when you try to sleep,"
Asuka, talking about her and Shinji's nightmares, Advice and Trust, chapter 1

I don't have dreams
I just have nightmares.
—"Staying Up", The Neighbourhood

Zukan: They're all dead. Eleven good Betafarlians. Do you think you'll see them in your dreams, Finn?
Finn: Not me.
Zukan: I will, if my dreams aren't already overcrowded.
Finn: You should take dream suppressants.
Zukan: [shakes head] They don't help. I see my bad dreams in other people's eyes.
Blake's 7, "Warlord"

Supergirl: Some people talk in their sleep. Others walk. I heat-vision, apparently.
Lana Lang: I'm sure someone out there makes a sleep mask that can handle that. Nightmare?
Supergirl: Yeah... Again.