Quotes / Bad "Bad Acting"

Owen: Roooar! Monster noises!
Alejandro: (awkwardly) Oh no! The large out-of-shape monster!
Tyler: (screaming) WE MUST RUN!
Noah (in complete monotone) Think of the childreeen.
Izzy: (excitedly) He's so hooooot!

In a continuing observation, the young Dustin Diamond is a truly horrendous performer, with terrible timing, unclear diction, and speaking every line like someone who’s phonetically repeating words that have no meaning to him, like a stranded alien.
Stuart Millard on Saved by the Bell, So Excited, So Scared''

Hibiki: *walking like a robot, with small circular eyes*
Kanade: *completely natural* Hey, Hummy. Where were you before coming here?
Hibiki: *monotone, with straight mouth* Did you do anything suspicious?
Kanade: !! Wait a moment, Hummy! *ran off with Hibiki* What was that acting!? That was so shady that she'll figure it out instantly!
Hibiki: I can't help it! I suck at lying!
Kanade: Can't you do something about it!?
Hibiki: I'm trying my best!
Suite Pretty Cure ♪, Episode 19

Magilou: If you cannot summon a dove, then you must act like one! ACT. LIKE. A. DOVE!!
Velvet: Coo, coo.

"Never before has a production of 'The Sound Of Music' made me root for the Nazis."
— A review of Sophie's acting skills in Leverage