Quotes: Bad Bad Acting

Chris: Magneto’s 'whoops, you’re human now, l8er boo' reaction to Mystique getting shot is completely at odds with his characterization.
Matt: McKellen’s face when he tells Mystique she’s not “one of us” anymore, like this is the movie Freaks, has the weirdest expression he’s had in one of these movies. It’s the first time he doesn’t know how to play something.
Chris: He just falls back on a little thing he likes to call “The Evil Gandalf” and calls it an afternoon.
—Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Owen: Roooar! Monster noises!
Alejandro: (awkwardly) Oh no! The large out-of-shape monster!
Tyler: (screaming) WE MUST RUN!
Noah (in complete monotone) Think of the childreeen.
Izzy: (excitedly) He's so hooooot!

"There really is no middle ground in Reb Brown's acting, is there? He's either barely awake or HOWLING LIKE A BERSERKER!
The Spoony One, Rebruary 2014- White Ghost

Hibiki: *walking like a robot, with small circular eyes*
Kanade: *completely natural* Hey, Hummy. Where were you before coming here?
Hibiki: *monotone, with straight mouth* Did you do anything suspicious?
Kanade: !! Wait a moment, Hummy! *ran off with Hibiki* What was that acting!? That was so shady that she'll figure it out instantly!
Hibiki: I can't help it! I suck at lying!
Kanade: Can't you do something about it!?
Hibiki: I'm trying my best!
Suite Pretty Cure ♪, Episode 19