Quotes / Avoid the Dreaded G Rating

"There was some MPAA rating confusion about The Avengers. The early previews for the film clearly identified it as being a "PG" movie, but the actual release carries a 'PG-13.' There's really nothing in the film to warrant that, with one minor exception a single use of the 'f-word.' What's curious is that this particular expletive seems to have been dubbed in after the fact. It's not unreasonable to speculate that Warner Bros., not wanting the film to be tagged with a 'wimpy' PG, added one really bad word to bump the rating up."
James Berardinelli's review of The Avengers (1998)

"Who wants to see some dumb cartoon rated G-for-kids?"

"Well, there's your PG rating, folks. Aren't you glad all you parents in the audience had to be dragged to this flick just for that?"
The Nostalgia Critic on a use of the word "shit", Richie Rich

"Nyeah, we had to get that damn PG rating somehow!"
The Nostalgia Critic on Casper's use of this trope

"Well, it seems the 'PG' only gets doled out if Ashcroft's face changes expression."
— Seth Weiner, Otaku-Sempai (Discussing The Secret Of NIMH's 'G' Rating)