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Quotes: Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!
Ansem: Awww crap. Look, a quarter.

Oh, I see. So you think just because I'm Chinese, you can get me to do anything... Oooooh! Hologram!
Chinese Car Repairman, Are We There Yet?

Wow. I wonder if sending it off to a large gathering of natural predators, with a volatile female escort, is not, in fact, a shortcut to a hideous death... Wow! That cloud looks almost like an oak tree!

Abe: My friend has ADD, and everyone at school treats him like some kinda leper!
Tom Green: Well, that's discrimination! Hey, do you wanna go take a dump on my parent's bed?

"So I guess what I'm trying to say is PLASTIC BAG PLASTIC BAG PLASTIC BAG..."
Tom Green, Clone High

Ryuk: what you need to know about the Shinigami eye deal is...
Light: I need to get shoes...

Kin: The multiverse is predominantly evil.
Forgrath: What? I was always taught that good and evil are balanced.
Kin: Nope. Evil is winning.
Minmax: Really? That's awful. Is there nothing we can do to...
Minmax: Hey look! There's a version of me with a cool hat!

"As far as I'm aware, most of Spacebattles has ADOS: Attention Deficit OOOH SHINEY!"

Another Cherished Idol profaned! Such sacrilege has become commonplace with the recent glut of the Underlings. It would bring a tear to my eye if I were not so clearly fit to be tied with these hyperactive mannerisms and severe attention deficit oh my god look a bug.
NPC in The Land of Wind and Shade, Homestuck

Ted: You must have been a terrible student.
Barney: They said I had AD... something. Can we have class outside?!
How I Met Your Mother, "Robin 101"

Rayyan: But we're so close...
Mayor Popowicz: Close only counts at horseshoes. Do Muslims play horseshoes? I find these little cultural differences so interesting.
Rayyan: Can we focus please?
Little Mosque on the Prairie, "Swimming Upstream"

<AleX> i guess this channel must be a center of activity; when i not rarondn an;sc;ln vialmnv,ma v,xznm f dlJFSMSMMMSMMSM:HHHFRRF
<DerianX> Yes.
<AleX> sorry, i stopped caring halfway through that sentnece
— QDB #25051

"Ooh, shiny! Shinyshinyshinyshinymine!"

No. Gotta read Marge's book. Can't get distracted. Heh, distracted, that's a funny word. Does anyone ever get tracted? Better call a suicide hotline and ask them.
Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

Homer: Wait, I'm confused about the movie. So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?
Cultist 1: What are you talking about? There is nothing like that in there!
Homer: Oh, you see when I get bored I make up my own movie. I have a very short attention span.
Cultist 2: But our point is very simple. You see, when—
Homer: Oh, look! A bird! (runs out of the room, laughing, and chases a bird)
The Simpsons, 5F23 "The Joy of Sect"

"Oh, my god! This man is my exact double! Hey, that dog has a puffy tail!"
Homer Simpson (again), The Simpsons

Stiles: What did you find? How did you find it? Where did you find it? And yes, I've had a lot of Adderall, so.
Scott: I found something at Derek Hale's.
Stiles: Are you kidding? What?
Scott: There's something buried there, I could smell blood.
Stiles: That's awesome! I mean, that's terrible. Whose blood?

Dug, Up

"Ooh! A fire engine!"

I can make something like this, which is brilliant, then I go and dismantle my fricking hoverboard to get parts for a project I never even finish. Idiot.
Kid Win lamenting his Attention Deficit Disorder, Worm

I will CRUSH and DESTROY and...oooh, shiny.
Orc joke, World of Warcraft

No, I do not think I am easily distracted — hmmm...interesting.

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