->"What were your piercing eyes looking at?\\
What was echoing in your trembling heart?\\
For a long time I did not see your smile, only your warmth did not disappear.\\
Even your smallest scars hurt more than the gods of this earth.\\
And that is why you will continue to destroy everything.\\
You who stood here with nowhere else to go.\\
What was it for that you reached out your hand to grasp?\\
You are the flame that burns the world I know.\\
Your kindness will burn this world and char the frozen time.\\
You who stood here with nowhere else to go.\\
What was it for that you reached out your hand to grasp?\\
If you loose sight of that which has no end.\\
That which has been overlooked will surely linger on your back and make you falter.\\
You grasp your fist, and there is no future to hold on to.\\
Jump into the wheel and press forward, there is no step.\\
What were your clear eyes looking at?\\
What was echoing in your shaking heart?
-->--''Lyrics of'' '''In Your Belief'''

->"The foul, impure beasts that roam the land ~ the Gohma.\\
In order to save civilization from their neverending threat, the demigods who governed the world created an ultimate weapon that would wipe the Gohma of the face of the planet once and for all.\\
Their legions were led by eight elite demigods ~ the Eight Guardian Generals. One of them, General Asura, was in the thick of battle."
-->'''Opening Narration'''

-> "Parental Instinct: The Video Game"
-->'''Website/YouTube commenter''', summing up the plot of the game.

-->'''Another Website/YouTube commenter''', also summing up the plot of the game.

->'''Asura''': WORTHLESS SCUM! '''I'LL KILL YOU ''ALL!!!'''''
-->'''Asura's Debut Words'''


->'''[[OneManArmy Asura]]''': [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge I'm not the one who started this fire!]]
->'''[[TheStrategist Kalrow]]''': No, but it will burn you to ash!

->'''[[WellIntentionedExtremist Yasha]]''': As Priestess, [[DamselInDistress Mithra]] has dedicated herself to the salvation of our world. You should be proud...
->'''[[PapaWolf Asura]]''': [[BerserkButton What did you say!?]] Be proud...of Mithra suffering!?
->'''Yasha''': Yes, and I will say it again! Your daughter is devoted to the cause in order to save the world!
->'''Asura''': [[UnstoppableRage WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?]]
->'''Yasha''': [[AGodAmI God.]]

->'''[[BloodKnight Augus]]''': Ah, this will do. It's just you, and me. TIME TO RAISE SOME HELL! Now that I think of it, the last time we fought like this, you were still my pupil. You were wild, unfocused, and had the eyes of a beast! Even then, I knew you would become the opponent I've been waiting for! I HOPE YOU DON'T DISAPPOINT!

->'''Asura''': Is this what Gods do!?...There is no need...For Gods that only take...'''FOR GODS OF DEATH'''!!

->'''Chakravartin''': Everything is as I have foreseen.
->'''Asura''': Did you see this coming?!

-> '''Asura''': [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome I refuse!]]

->'''[[TrueFinalBoss Chakravartin]]''': [[WellIntentionedExtremist The suffering this world has seen...]] [[spoiler: '''[[AGodAmI was all to choose my heir!]]''']]

->'''Asura''':I understand it all now! [[UnstoppableRage The true reason for my wrath!]]
->'''Chakravartin''': You are not worthy!
->'''Asura''':I could not stand it! There is always some fool who wants to rule the world! Always forcing others to do what they cannot do for themselves!
->'''Chakravartin''': How can he, be so powerful!? [[AGodAmI I Am, the only, God]]!
->'''Asura''':[[GodIsEvil That, is why... I pray to no one!]] [[AGodIAmNot Nor will I be prayed to!]] And above all else... I will ''never'' '''''forgive [[{{God}} you]]'''''.... ''for making '''[[PapaWolf MY DAUGHTER CRY]]!'''''

->'''Mithra''': Why do you have to act so recklessly!
->'''Asura''': I...I couldn't bear to see you suffer.
->'''Mithra''': (In tears) Stupid.
->'''Asura''': No more crying. Smile. My wrath...is finally...[[spoiler: {{Go|OutWithASmile}}[[TearJerker ne]].]]

->'''[[CrossOver Evil]] [[StreetFighter Ryu]]''': MESSATSU!

->'''[[CrossOver O]][[StreetFighter ni]]''': '''Only I have mastered the Art of Combat! MY MURDEROUS INTENT, SHALL NEVER DIE!'''