Quotes / AstroTurf

  • The Simpsons, "The Dumbell Indemnity." Moe is looking for love and goes to a singles bar.
    Moe: So hi there. Don't scream!
    Woman: Oh, hi! Wanna join me for a Bacardi and soda? (Holding up a drink representatively.)
    Moe: (Surprised) Yeah, that'd be great! (Sits down.)
    Woman: (Holding up another drink) Or maybe you'd prefer a cool, refreshing Bacardi Coloda!
    Moe: Sure, whatever...
    Woman: Because Bacardi makes the night come alive - with freshness!
    Moe: Uh, do you work for Bacardi?
    Woman: (Voice loses plastic insincerity) No, I'm in love with you. (Slaps a "Drink Rum" sticker onto Moe's forehead.)