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Quotes: Artist Disillusionment
"You know why my show is good? Because the network officials say you're not smart enough to get what I'm doing, and every day I fight for you. I tell them how smart you are. Turns out, I was wrong. You people are stupid."
Dave Chappelle, creator of Chappelle's Show

"The flattery is disarming and ego-stoking, but then neurons fire and alarm bells go off. "You have succeeded with this movie, but you've also failed. You gave these people hope to become greater asses than they may already be."
Stanley Weiser, co-scriptwriter of Wall Street, on Gordon Gekko's Misaimed Fandom.

"After reading a few thousand emails like the ones above, I seriously contemplated taking down my site and just posting links to animal porn for you retards. You're all idiots, and I've lost what little respect I had for you."

"AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #406 was J.M. DeMatteis's last issue as writer. I think he grew increasingly weary of the weekly cross-title continuity, and never getting the chance to tell his own stories — stories in which he alone could do the beginning, the middle and the end. This couldn't have been an easy decision for J.M. to make, because I know how much he liked Ben Reilly and how excited he was about the clone saga from the very start. But I think he just reached the breaking point, and I can't say I really blame him. I know Marc was really looking forward to the moment when Ben would finally don the Spider-Man suit, and getting the chance to write about the "new" web-slinger, but that pivotal moment just kept getting pushed further and further back, amidst more and more gimmicky crossovers and an overall series direction that was spiraling out of control. So, unfortunately, he left."
Editor/Writer Glenn Greenberg on The Clone Saga

"[Gene] Hackman has never specifically pointed at Welcome to Mooseport as the movie that made him retire, but come on. He flat out stopped after this one... The fact that this revelation presumably hit him while working on a completely run-of-the-mill comedy with Ray Romano is the funniest thing about the movie. Picture grumpy old Gene Hackman sitting silently on a set while someone adjusts a picture of his face over the crotch of a nude man (that is an actual scene from the movie). Ray Romano comes over, awkwardly displaying his teeth as in every single photo of him that exists, and says in his depressed Kermit voice: 'Are you ready for the scene, Gene?' Hackman slowly turns his head. "No, Ray. I don't think I am." He walks off of the set, starts running, and never stops. They have to finish the movie with CGI. (That's how it went in my imagination, anyway.)"

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