Quotes / Archive Panic

Dave: You know, if you're really jonesing for sci-fi, you could just watch...
Greg: No, just stop there. You are not going to get me to watch Doctor Who, so just give up now.
Dave: Come on, dude. It's a great show, and it's right up your alley, really.
Greg: Yeah, you and everyone else says that, but it's not going to change my mind on the subject.
Dave: So you're just being ridiculous.
Greg: No, I'm being smart, Dave. When I commit to watching a new TV show, I can't just jump in willy-nilly into an episode right into the middle. I have to start from the very beginning, and work my way through the episodes one by one... and there are TWENTY SIX seasons of Doctor Who.note 
Dave: So it's out of self-preservation, then.
Greg: Exactly. I can't watch Doctor Who because I have a functioning survival instinct.

"I still have never seen a Doctor Who episode. Where do I start?"
"Blimey, Tyler - that's a bit like saying "I've never eaten any food. Where do I start?""
—Exchange with Alastair Reynolds, blog thread