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Dave: You know, if you're really jonesing for sci-fi, you could just watch...
Greg: No, just stop there. You are not going to get me to watch Doctor Who, so just give up now.
Dave: Come on, dude. It's a great show, and it's right up your alley, really.
Greg: Yeah, you and everyone else says that, but it's not going to change my mind on the subject.
Dave: So you're just being ridiculous.
Greg: No, I'm being smart, Dave. When I commit to watching a new TV show, I can't just jump in willy-nilly into an episode right into the middle. I have to start from the very beginning, and work my way through the episodes one by one... and there are TWENTY SIX seasons of Doctor Who.note 
Dave: So it's out of self-preservation, then.
Greg: Exactly. I can't watch Doctor Who because I have a functioning survival instinct.

"I still have never seen a Doctor Who episode. Where do I start?"
->"Blimey, Tyler - that's a bit like saying "I've never eaten any food. Where do I start?""
—>—Exchange with Alastair Reynolds, blog thread

People commonly direct [others] to this site when they want to explain an oft-used plot device or cliché to others— rather than explain it themselves in simple words.
These linkers feel guilty shortly afterwards because they know that their victims are now locked in a seven-hour marathon of browsing through what feels like every single page of the entire archives of the wiki and getting thoroughly lost.
—Uncyclopedia's entry on TV Tropes

James Rolfe's reaction to seeing the amount of episodes from the first season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (which is also the first iteration of the long-running Power Rangers franchise)