Quotes / Appeal to Obscurity

Demitri: Any way, old what's his name hasn't been so chipper since he took out the Myrian navy. His words not mine.
Calliope: The who?
Demitri: That's what I asked.
Calliope: and?
Demitri: 'Exactly' was all he said.
Calliope: Ah.
Sacrifice by pandarus

Roose Bolton: Our goat should have consulted the Tarbecks or the Reynes. They might have warned him how your lord father deals with betrayals.
Jaime Lannister: There are no Tarbecks or Reynes.
Roose Bolton: My point precisely.

"If you're a famous smuggler, you're doing it wrong."
Davos Seaworth, Game of Thrones

Freeza: Tell me, have you ever heard of the planet Vegeta?
Nail: No.
Freeza: Funny. Because I expect to hear the same from the next person when when I ask them about Namek.

"Like, supposing the population is being a bit behind with its taxes. You pick some city where people are being troublesome and kill everyone and set fire to it and pull down the walls and plough up the ashes. That way you get rid of the trouble and all the other cities are suddenly really well behaved and polite and all your back taxes turn up in a big rush, which is handy for governments, I understand. Then if they ever give trouble you just have to say "Remember Nangnang?" or whatever, and they say 'Where's Nangnang?' and you say, 'My point exactly.'"