Quotes / Androcles' Lion

Homer: Bart, I'm not asking you to give blood for free. That would be crazy. You may not realize it now, but when you save a rich guy's life, he showers you with riches. Don't you know the story of Hercules and the Lion?
Bart: Is it a Bible story?
Homer: Yeah, probably. Anyway, once upon a time, there was a big, mean lion who got a thorn in his paw. All the villagers tried to pull it out, but nobody was strong enough, so they got Hercules and he used his mighty strength, and bingo. Anyway, the moral is, is that the lion was so happy, that he gave Hercules this big... thing... of riches.
Bart: How did a lion get rich?
Homer: It was the olden days.
Bart: Oh.

"Todd": The gift of life is reserved only for our most devout worshipers... and our brothers.
"Todd": Sheppard gave me back my life. I merely repaid the debt.

Lambach does not believe that anyone can do anything to stop his grandsire. In his despair, he accepts his destiny as the Eldest's witness, and he hopes only to slay himself before his grandsire finally devours him. Lambach carries a bottle of gasoline and a lighter at all times. If the characters show him some kindness and give him a vessel, however, he offers them a boon in return - whatever he can do short of giving his unlife for them. He is still a nobleman and a Tzimisce, with a Tzimisce's regard for hospitality. The fact that the characters can still treat a guest with honor moves him more deeply than he can say.